Thursday, June 29, 2017


Folks, of course, I know that going to the Christ is like visiting an icon of Rio, but to reach the statue you will have to do some little sacrifices. Big lines when you are in the city during weekends or any day during high season, the ticket machine simply shuts down and no one can buy the ticket...traffic, the tram breaks in the way forcing you to walk long distances to the hill or simply frustrating your trip by going all the way down back to the Stations.

Lots of risks that you will have to consider and for sure, it is not the Guide's Fault, but this will seriously affect your time which most of the time is really short. 

In some cases, the very simple decision of going to the Christ will be a big problem. 

Rafa has a solution...hehe hehe :))))) In many places in Rio we can have amazing views of the Christ, not so far from the entrance we have a lookout where you can see all over the city and the Christ will be there to enrich your backgrounds. And Mirante Dona Marta will be there!

Trust me, I will take you to amazing places where the Christ will be always present. I am not saying I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE YOU TO THE CHRIST, please do not take me wrong, I am just saying that we have more options and we can optimize our time seeing more interesting things of Rio. 

Rio has amazing secrets and you will have a wonderful time seeing different places like some of the places below:

MARAPENDI WETLANDS...a very unique neighborhood in the west side of Rio, people live in this amazing treasure. It is an explosion of nature that very few people know! One of my favorite places in Rio.

The Christ is part of the Tijuca Forest, and in the forest, you can also spot the statue from different angles, just like I did when I took this little Buda and his parents to the Vista Chinesa.

So trust me your expectations and wishes when you come to Rio, I will give you fun, unusual places, laughs and many reasons for you to always return to Rio de Janeiro which is not a tourist destination for me, Rio will always be a home to all my guests!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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