Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Yes my friends, our first day in Buenos Aires will be busy, we will have one day to see a huge urban centre and one of the most fascinating cities in South America, so I was thinking, why not having a cool and deserved rest in a gaucho farm where you can enjoy the nature, to learn about this interesting cowboy culture and taste the best barbecue of your life???

We will go to a place that you never heard...there are many Estancias all around Buenos Aires...San Antonio de Areco or Campana but NO WAY...we are not going to places where tourists go...WE ARE TRAVELLERS!!! That is a different thing...With me you are not a tourist, you are not a GRINGO...with me and my team we take you WHERE PEOPLE ARE, so you will be part of local life.

The name of our little secret is Chascomus...a little village south of Buenos City with an untouched historical and spanish colonial center bathed by one of the beautiful and huge lagoons formed by rain water, underground springs and not so far from the main Parana River, we will had south and see the scenic Pampa Region. We will have the whole day to explore the town and enter in a countryside world of a gaucho farm called LA ALAMEDA. 

Once we get there our lives will be transfered to our last century but with lots of style...a comfort of a big house, a large field where our eyes loose sight...animals everywhere...it is like being in a different Texas, or in the aussie outback or very faraway farms of Spain and with all this THE GREAT LIFE STYLE OF A GAUCHO PERSON! We will explore the nature in the water, in pleasant walks in the grasslands, we will see the gaucho work and we will try their food, and wow, get prepared to have a STOMACH ORGASM (if I dare to say - but be sure that Marcone and I will be your guides but way more important than this we will be your friends). One day that we will never forget in our lives and for generations and generations I am sure that you will always recommend.

Okay now you must know a little bit about the GAUCHO WAY OF LIFE...The gaucho land is called Pampa, and the Pampa Region holds the south of Brasil mostly concentrated in Rio Grande do Sul State, all over Uruguay and a big part of Argentina mostly in the area of Buenos Aires, this is a huge rural area where they still keep very old traditions and we are going to experience all of it.

Okay, here we are...to get to Chascomus will take about 1:20 minutes...the best farms are not so close to the city but it belongs to what we call greater Buenos Aires, it will require a little sacrifice, we will start as earlier as possible, most of the activities will happen between 12:00 pm and 14 pm, before this time and after this time we will be free to do what we want, river activities, pool area, a little hiking or simply chill out in the nature. Do not forget that we will need some time to see the city which is very old, historical and important to the argentinean national heritage. Lunch, pool area and the show will be included. It will be a different day for us.

We will use very comfortable vans to get there, so our trip will be pleasant and fun.

Marcone and I will be waiting for you. Argentina is our second home, it always have been the place where we choose to spend some time out of Brazil, this is the place where we have our friends and each time we have more places to take our faithful guests such as the Capital, Iguazu Falls, Salta, Jujuy, Bariloche, El Calafate and Ushuaia, and we also have a lot of great guides in our team.

Thank you very much, 

Rafa and Marcone
Tour Guides and Travel Planners

Friday, April 1, 2016


Buenos Aires in one day will be challenge, but I am sure you will love it, I just need your adventure spirit, your accurate curiosity and your open mind for a lot of surprises and improvisation. In South America, we will have to go with the flow and follow the rhythm of the city. We will also visit unique places difficult to reach, spots that no tourist can ever dream about visiting!!!

Boooo!!! This is not Mexico but normally we will start visiting THE DEAD, hahahahahaha :) I would love to reproduce the maniacal laugh in Michael Jackson's song THRILLER...but lets at least remember the lyrics:

Darkness falls across the land
The midnite hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize y'awl's neighbourhood
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpse's shell
The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom
And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the thriller
Can you dig it?!

But we are not going to see spirits or ghosts, we will visit a very traditional and important cemetery in town that holds the history of many remarkable characters of Argentina's Democratic Saga, from the famous Evita Peron's Tomb to the great popular President Belgrano, one of the people responsable to guarantee the argentinean borders, and also masterpieces of many world famous sculptors like Rodin. 

From Death to Life we will cross in few minutes...A quick visit to the Rose Gardens in the Palermo Park is a must stop place, an incredible collections of Roses coming from every part of Argentina, the open space will give you food for thoughts for amazing photos and you will visit the main green lung of Buenos Aires, the neighborhood of Palermo is one of the most desireble places to live in town.

Now it is time to feel the soul of the argentinean person...we will explore places where Tango is lived with passion, we will visit squares where people come just to dance Tango, a charming dance which is a real religion as well as football which is also a huge passion. We will be visiting SanTelmo to see a charming flea market and we will also have fun, dance and have the best argentinean beer or wine in the colorful district of Caminito. A real journey to the past with a great experience in present all at once. 

Okay, now you should know that Argentina has a fine and absolutely wonderful gastronomy (and hopefully you are not vegetarian), and steak they make it with "art", best barbecue with amazing spices like the famous ChimiChurri and it is an opportunity to taste what locals love to do and we will have several options...Lunch at the super traditional CaféTortoni, a real "worker" lunch at Obrero or a simple great barbecue in the canals of Tigre by the river. I will always have those 3 options for you to choose

After lunch we will have an important decision to take...so much to see in Buenos Aires that we cannot do all in just one day...so I give to our group 3 options, and I cannot vote because I love all the options:


We are visiting the head of the Power were President Macri is cleaning the house, we will see the Casa Rosada on Mayo Square, visit the majestic Cathedral where Pope Francis spent a long time as a Bishop, we will walk through boulevard and more squares like the wide avenue of 9 de Julio, the corner of Corrientes Avenue which is always compared with Times Squere in London, we will pass in front of Colon Theatre and visit the beautiful San Martin square where we can have a good view to the port and the British Clock



Sure...you will feel like in Africa and in India in the same day!!! Plus a wonderful contact with the most gracious creatures on Earth, it is a animal center where they take good care of animals caught in circus and owners who did not took care of those animals, and also a big variety of animals who are born and raised in this blessed corner of Lujan. If we choose to have the best photos of our lives in South America, we will go there first because the zoo closes early

Well, this is how I deal with Buenos Aires and will love to share with you...lots of groups can be organized, we have enougb guides for this unique adventure in the capital of Argentina. I am sure you will have a great time!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

ohhhhh I just for got to mention, some people spend more than one day in the city, and I have cool suggestions about what to do after a complete day in Buenos Aires, like the whole day following the course of Plata River visiting many gaucho farms, or a quick visit to Uruguay in Colonia del Sacramento or the unknown cute village of Carmelo.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Salvador is really a mix of sensations...it is hard to describe, but let me try...Getting to the place where all 365 churches meet, to a place where the bay gives amazing beaches, you just feel a different energy. All Gods are there and the atmosphere is high. Salvador sees no colors because the city is black and white, and they live in such fun vibe...The food feeds your stomach with style, the magic of the african spices with the traditional portuguese cuisine gives to the country, maybe the best food in Brazil...The drums of Olodum, the market sound of São Joaquim, the beats of the waves in Barra beach tells you how musical the city is.

I love Salvador and my task here is to make you love Salvador as well.

Beautiful coastline where the portuguese set foot for the first time in the history of Brazil, visiting Salvador is simply getting to know the first capital of the country, thanks to that...Lisbon and Salvador have a lot in common, from the architecture to the several cultures we find in the city...Coming to Salvador is a meeting with a very interesting part of the South American Past and a great meeting to one of the most exciting destination in the World. Salvador is simply marvelous and my team and I will always be there to give you the best of Salvador.

A tour with Rafa has to give you smiles, colors, party, people, real action and some of our funniest stories. Salvador is a good friend of mine because the city gives everything I need. So we will start in the colorful and historic district of Santo Antonio, it is the natural way to Pelourinho which is considered the SOUL OF BAHIA and the capital of all saints according to the catholic and afro beliefs. We will walk a little but your legs will not complain about it when you visit a house of a local, when you walk in the cobble stones streets of the old town where Jorge Amado wrote his best novels, where Cahimmi sang his best songs and the drums echoes in every corner. 

A native from Bahia is called BAIANO, and the Baianos have a free soul, and this is what we will do in Salvador, we will set our souls free and enjoy the city.

Happiness was born here! And your eyes will get crazy to see so many master pieces ever created by our ancestors...the party in the streets of Pelourinho, the church of San Francis which for me is the most magnificent church in Brazil (and we have many!), a trip to Salvador is not really a tour, we will have a journey through our past and present time. The ups and downs of Pelourinho street will be always present in your mind! 

Diversity, this will be part of our tinerary all the time we will be walking and driving around Salvador, we will meet people, we will learn more about a Brazil that we are proud to show to the World, we will see beaches, we will have the best food ever (yes, once you are in Salvador, I want you hungry!). You can count on me and Marcone, we are the guides that can meet you in every place in Brazil, specially in Salvador, we also have a great team of guides that keep our quality and philosophy of exploring Brazil like a local, we deal with travellers, you are a traveller and we are your best friends in Brazil. 

Do not hesitate to contact me, brazilrafario@gmail.com is my email and we can deal directly or count on your travel agent to be in touch, Salvador will be more fascinating and easier in our hands!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner