Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Just to have these powerful waters around me, I feel embraced by this planet called AMAZONIA. The largest rain forest in the World had endless bodies of water, and here I am in the longest river of the World, the Amazon, this and lots more will be waiting for you.

My love for Brazil is huge, and the best places in the World is where people are. And this DECEMBER, I will be waiting for you!!! :)

The moments we experience in every trip to the Amazon are impressive, art in the jungle, exploring the flooded forest will give you lessons for life. Not only a tour guide I will be, but I will also translate to you the joy of being Brazilian.

I am so grateful to the universe to get the amazing chance of being Brazilian. I love my land, I adore my people and I keep on learning about life in every journey, in my tours with incredible travelers, in my leisure that I keep traveling Brazil, so I always have unique places to share with you. I am constantly searching for new places and make you always keep Brazil very vibrant in your memories, very lively in your heart and building this Brazilian Love in your life!


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Friday, April 26, 2019


This was one of the most important moments in my life, when I was blessed by a Tucaná Member in a tribe more or less two hours out of Manaus. There I felt that I was part of this extraordinary green Planet!

I am from Rio, a guy of the seas and a lover of the beaches, but nature makes me so crazy that I go everywhere, the Amazon is also a festival of waters; the upper part of the jungle is packed with waterfalls and spring waters as well as caves and spectacular trails. I am waiting for you for a new adventure in December 2019.

Our trip to the Amazon will be obviously focused on Nature, some knowledge of fauna and flora, some ideas of the fascinating daily life of the jungle simple men, their habits, their weather and how they live so well with nature when authorities want to make it difficult. I am proud of our resources but worried about how our Government deals with such a concerning issue. So let's enjoy it before it is over!!!

This year as many other times I am taking a great group of travelers, the World should know about this green Planet called Amazonia, and it is an honor to be their best representative, with all the friends I have in many places in the Amazon I am in charged to make you feel in love with Brazil. 

So write to me and get informed about how you will get to the Amazon, we are organizing groups for December 2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th. My email address is

Starting the in the lovely town of Santarem on the edge of Tabajos River, then exploring the traditional city of Manaus, one of the main gateways of the Amazon, and the fresh water "caribbean" Alter do Chão...brutal and raw nature is waiting for you. And I am ready. 

Rafael Torres Lopes
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Wednesday, April 24, 2019


I am always taking my guests to the majestic Iguazu Falls, one of the most remarkable travel destination in the World, and right next door, you can discover one more land and one more stamp in your passport. Paraguay, this forgotten country will surprise you with the various nature attractions like Forests, Rivers, Waterfalls including a huge cascade where the Beautiful Monday river flows (a tributary of Parana River that will end miles and miles away in the Atlantic Ocean by the coasts of Argentina and Uruguay. The Region is simply fascinating. 

So in your trip to Iguazu Falls, just give me ONE OR TWO DAYS MORE, and let's explore the Alto Parana zone where the green Ciudad del Este is located.

And bring some extra money for shopping. Ciudad del Este is the SECOND largest free tax trade zone in the Globe, it is just after Hong Kong....DID YOU KNOW THAT???

I am always perceiving that many travelers forget one tiny and unknown country in South America: PARAGUAY, but you know, I am a tour guide and a traveler, my joy in life is taking you to unusual places, and we found that just next door to the famous and majestic Iguazu, there is a small park with such a great River that also meets Parana River in the Paraguayan border, the Monday River. In Presidente Franco there is a Reserve Park with gorgeous falls as well, the Monday Falls. It is waiting for you there and I am ready to take you!

We love going there! :)

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Yes, so what are you waiting for??? I am open to taking you to some Paraguayan secrets. We can spend the entire day there, so we need just one night, or maybe two nights, or more days to continue exploring this "NEW DESTINATION"

So remember, when you think about Iguazu Falls, take more 2 days for more fun in this amazing spectacular corner of South America. 

Thank you for reading, big hugs and lots of love.

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