Saturday, May 24, 2014


Dear Reader...when you come to Rio, it is very important, think about spending two days more to explore the wonders and secrets of Rio...We have lots of nature, jungles, mountains, forests...lush green and intense wilderness. and these places are not really far from Rio.

If you want to feel yourself like an explorer...not like a regular tourist...come join me and we will have fun...go hiking, visiting remote villages, meeting interesting people and find exclusive spots just like in Cachoeiras do Macacu.

I want to give you the sensation you will have and tell to your family and friends: I'VE BEEN TO is not only a is a whole adventure that will bring you to virgin places, that make you understand more about the country and provide tou such a rich experience in your trips. Places like Itatiaia you can visit one of the most complete National Parks in Brazil and it is not far from Rio, even the trip to the mountains will show you a lot of Rio.

The opportunity  of visiting nature spots are the real chance to make your trip to Rio even more special and I will be happy to take you to these unknown places I know; count on me...Just imagine yourself swimming in a mineral water pool, the water is so crystal clear and absolutely cold that you can drink it...and the heat simply goes away...different views in every turn, birds everywhere, the silence of the nature is fascinating. While you go hiking you keep on thinking about the experiences of famous trekkers like Jacques Cousteau or even in the very start of our just drive your imagination to the times when Charles Darwin, and he has been to most of the places we can visit together!

So here is the plan...we will need the whole day...I will pick you up early in the morning right in your hotel, according to the period of the years we can visit one of the following locations: PETROPOLIS, TERESOPOLIS, GUAPIMIRIM, FRIBURGO, ITATIAIA, VISCONDE DE MAUÁ, PENEDO AND THE MOUNTAINS OF PARATY.

So many options for us to go...we will have lunch in very local restaurants where the food are huge orgasm for the stomach and prices are honest and locally accepted, and we will be back to Rio in the end of the day or we can spend one night in some of these places; there are amazing cottages and bed&breakfast places, so fun and comfort will be guaranteed.

If we need to spend one night there, we gain two days to explore all the wilderness of Rio and we will relax in a quiet palce full of nature...Fresh air, birds sings, the sound on the water running in the various creeks...the sweet solitude of our rooms for writing endless texts (great when I write for this blog)...everything can be arranged...


Good chances for you to have two of the best two guides with you in this adventure..hehehehe Myself and Marcone Lima. We are the best because we love what we do, and this passion we will give to you! :)

Best Wishes and Lots of Love, 

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner


Yes...I am always back to my favorite I can write about my country, my life, my work or simply writing about simple things...I know this is a way to help you about any trips you are planning to Rio, Brazil and South America in general. 

I was born in Brazil...I am happy, proud and honored to be Brazilian...So much that "BEING BRAZILIAN" is not only a nationality, "BEING BRAZILIAN" is a way of life for me. And this pride and enthusiasm I use to make you feel at home no matter where in Brazil you choose to visit. I will be there, I will help you.

The blog is the best way for you to know more about the person you will meet when you come to Rio or anywhere else in Brazil and sometimes in any place in South America. I am a person moved by love...I need love to give love and I love what I do, I love my guests...the whole World gives me friends for life. I give dreams to my guests and we make it true together...Kelsey and Kathy are old friends and they came here thanks to my tours...Marcone is always a person that brights our tours...

I am just grateful...I am also very happy...blessed I can I also say...It is beautiful to see people's eyes...shining when they see a new is gorgeous to share the first moment of a descovery. And we discover ourselves...there is always many things I learn from all the people I meet, and there is always something that my guests learn...It is a a giving and taking style of life.

Milano...hahahahaha makes me always remember the great time I spent with my sister Cinzia in the countryside of Maranhão, Piaui and Ceará State...but what i want to talk about in the end of this posting is that...This blog is very alive even when I am not updating this rich space...explore the blog...just go clicking the "old postings", there is always something interesting for you to read...Be prepared because in this blog there is no I will express my thoughts, with no breaks in my can be part of this blog because I always love to write about anything that happens during my tours; here I also write about the places that I go, the people I can also learn about many tours.

I have some friends who are keeping a wonderful travel page called tours are there and you can access checking the web address that yu can see in the top of this blog, feel free to visit and you see other tour options.

Now that you know that you have one more way to know more about Rafa, feel free to write me a message or talk to me on skype - donrafatours



Thursday, March 20, 2014


Perfect one day tour in the skirts of Rio, in less than two hours drive we have all this happiness. A place where Brazil is 100% nature, a festival of waters (lovely when we have hot days. Perfect to make friendship strong..spending so many hours together you will have myself as your "distant cousin" and simply fascinating. Teresopolis is like this, a destination of adventure, a destination of total fun.

And to make this trip even more special, I had the RAFAGASM to have Dana Bowman with me, a wonderful guests and super, hyper and ultra friend that gave me some Tennesse style in my heart!  By the way Tennesee is very lucky to have her!!! Please TN people, keep her always happy! 

A day in Teresopolis is a very nice option when you have one day free in Rio...we can wild places that I have always shown my guests and we can find new places together, lots of incredible possibilities to know more about the Culture and the unique places in Rio! :)

And dear Reader....a day in the mountains means absolutely fantastic food everywhere, local restaurants, incredible gourmet delights in some of the exclusive Cottages found in the city. So you know...once we get to Teresopolis, you better be super hungry, and I am sure that your demanding and strong "eating desires" will be enormouly satisfied.

You can contact me and I will give you all the information about this day, it will be your best memories ever when you choose Rio to visit.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner