Sunday, December 10, 2017


In my life I always had a delicate life between work and leisure, almost both have the same meaning. I deal with the beauties of South America, I take people to see unique places and I work with their dreams and expectations. 

Second day in Paraty and it continues...Uruguayans guests this week, I still have to meet them in Angra dos Reis and introduce another paradise on earth, the mysterious and charming island of Ilha Grande. 

Paraty has been so generous to me, I always find incredible places and very secluded corners in so many little isles, so grateful for that. And I am honored to share these wonders to all people in the World. 

Nature inspires I always try to find places where I have trees all around where I can feel quietness to write and keep planning all the cool trips I have for you. The ideal place here in Paraty is the hostel of my friend Thiago Nadur, he has a "vegan" (I am not vegan!) hostel close to the mountains and not so far from the sea, yes, by staying here I am FORCED to eat healthily!!! :)

Well, long day ahead is waiting for me.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Saturday, December 9, 2017


I love traveling, mixing with different cultures and dealing with a universe of so many different personalities. Thanks to my work, I meet all kind of people and most of them become friends for life, this is the magic of my work. 

Yes, I am a tour guide but it is more than get a big task...making sure to fulfill lots of expectations...

I am back to Paraty, one of the most fascinating places in the State of Rio, our amazing historical town with a lot of legends, facts of our past...the relationship between Europe and the New World. 

Paraty uses its past for you to understand your present, and teaches you how to keep everything intact for the future because this blessed place has history, nature, and leisure.

I love Paraty...

I started this post with an indigenous cacique hat, and the owner of this hat belongs to a native nation called Pataxó, they were here way before this lovely Santa Rita Church was built in the 1600s. 

Oh yeah, many different nations, from the Amazon (where I am going this January) to the coast, they are present, and this time in Paraty I could introduce these sweet people to myUruguayann guests!!! The tribe leader Kashu kindly took us to understand their way of life and we could learn more about the simple and fascinating habits in a location that I have never visited before called SERTÃO DO IRIRI

Life is simple and good in the wilderness of Brazil, not so far from Rio you find people of gold!!! They are our main treasure and I am happy to be with them and allow you to experience the "raw" Brazil. I just need to apologize for my frog face...well, I am not a model, I am just a blog writer, a traveler and a tour guide....

There is one sentence in Spanish like LA FARRA URUGUAYA, that means THE URUGUAYAN WAY OF PARTY, and it is really a happening when I meet these people who saw me since I was a little kid, and they came to me as guests, so the least I could do was providing the best of my land, this is why I chose Paraty, one of my favorite places to have fun. 

Muchas Gracias, Susana, Javi, Roberto, Tere...this golden people from Malvin, Montevideo. 

Our first day we visited the RAFA'S PLACES...spots that I love going like Tarituba, visiting indigenous tribes and the mountains of Bocaina. With me they saw exactly what the Portuguese Navigators witnessed in the first visit to the new land. 

And I could never end this post without mentioning the incredible help of my friends Thiago Nadur and Karina, they are the staff of the hostel I am in...I decided to stay at PARATY ECO HOSTEL because of their VEGAN PHILOSOPHY...not even the food, but it seems to be everything vegan here, and I just want to learn a healthier way to live life and certainly these people are a great inspiration, yesterday we cooked some jackfruits to make some snacks for this evening. 

Instagram - @paratyecohostel

And Paraty continues...I will be back to Rio next monday...

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planer


Wednesday, December 6, 2017


More than 400 years of history and we love going there, a charming little village in the South of Rio State, our Paraty...And once again I am taking dear guests to see one side of Brazil that travelers hardly have heard about. The meeting point of many heritages, urban tribes, weekend goers, domestic and international visitors, amazing events and simply wonderful nature. A package of islands, beaches, waterfalls, forests, mountains, culture and traditions. 

I am taking my dear Uruguayan guests for 3 days, it is my duty to make your trip the best one, and Paraty is one of these places in Brazil that I love going!

We cannot resist the diversity of Paraty, the city itself is an open-air museum of anthropology, all faces, all races and plenty of art everywhere. 

If you want to visit Paraty, you have to know that it takes 4 hours by car to get there, I highly recommend to spend the night, there are many amazing cottages, bed&breakfasts that will make you feel at home!

I will be happy to take you there, so drop me a line and I will give you all the explanations. 

And yes, this is me, Rafa, your tour guide and friend in Rio de Janeiro.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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