Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Always honored to have Luciana very present in my tours, but she is more than a guide, she is my friend and it is a honor for me to introduce her to my guests and readers. As you know, I have a many people want to experience my tours, so I decided to select people with high personal qualities and knowledge, and above all some one who can treat you as a special friend who comes to Brazil to visit. 

It is easy to talk about Luciana, but let me choose 3 ways to introduce you one of the best guides that I know here in Rio.


Every meeting is a celebration of life, all the laughs are guaranteed and we always tell jokes to each other. She is the happiness itself. Luciana carries the good vibes wherever she goes. I trust all my guests to her when I am busy and we develp a good work together and we have great plans for you in the future!!


She is a sweet lioness...she cares about people in general..but when it comes to Family, wow...she is more than fascinating. Cario has the great privilege to have an amazing Mother and Gran Mother...she is a wonderful Mum and a great daughter...this is when you notice how wonderful she is. Motherhood is one of her specialty.


Joy, positive fun, high energy, lots of information and Rio like you want the city to be...informal and vibrant. If Rio has a face for sure Luciana has the face of Rio, she is one of the fewest RAFA WITH SKIRTS...her way of guiding has a lot to do with my own way of guiding, so when my guests and readers have Luciana as a guide, I am sure they will have the best time of their lives. So all the time when I recommend you to see Rio with Luciana, just do not hesitate to accept!

So Ladies and Gentlemen, I am so proud and happy to introduce MRS. JOY

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Sunday, July 24, 2016


The official name is PORTO MARAVILHA and everything is changed there and I am suprised, it is really impressive, specially with the murals painted by Kobra, our most famous street artist. 

As I say in the attention in these murals and then you will see a water tank and two banches, we will be sitting there waiting for you. Myself and my guides...We have a team who will be waiting for you with arms wide opened. Friends in Rio this is what you will have.

The harbour area is a real touristic attraction nowadays, the promenade is amazing with some crafts and small food quiosks in the weekend, the murals painted by Kobra is to die for and in the main square Mauá or in portuguese, Praça Mauá, and there you can visit the Museum of Tomorrow, a perfect museum disigned by the architect Santiago Calatrava, the same amazing architect that just finished the SUBWAY STATION in the New World Trade Center...I know we have few time to see Rio so spending time in line waiting to see this remarkable museum will be a waste, though it gives you a new idea about World Preservation and life on Earth. You should visit the museum but only in another visit or if you have at least two days in town.

In this promenade there will be Casa do Brasil which will provide a lot of interesting events about Brazilian Culture, plus the Museum of Rio that shows brazilian arts from various periods. So lots to do there and it will be safer at night if you want to walk by!

Right in front of the exit gate which will be terminal 3 or 2, you will see the tram station and I am very proud to tell you that public transportation is very well connect, and from the port you can go everywhere in Rio, safe and fast, and easy connection with our metro system. . Two months ago this same place was packed with constructions, now the wait was really valid because today the area is vibrant, open and happy. We are waiting for you!

You are welcome in Rio anytime, and I am here as your Ambassador in Rio always worried to give you a great time. And my team will be here to give you such a fantastic experience in Rio.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Monday, June 20, 2016


Puerto Rico always send me amazing people, the whole tour is made with only one material: GIGLES...Laughing out loud in every 5 minutes! :) So my hugs and regards to this magical island also known as "ISLA DEL ENCANTO"...Puerto Rico is fascinating and its people are fascinatining, so Gracias for trusting me to organize 3 days with you folks in Rio, and just to measure the high temperature of our meeting, this is our firts meeting and my whole experience with a group is there: HAPPINESS in a very generous way!

And when they meet Rafa in Rio...they jump with joy and you always have the coolest information, you will know all about our culture and you will see amazing places like Niteroi, Marapendi Wetland and so many places which people never know that places like that can exist.

And my special thanks to Carmen, she organized everything with me and together with her friends we had a ball in Rio. Thanks also to Jessica, Marcia, Laura, Sophia y el querido Miguel. Three days in Rio was very little, in fact to show all over Rio to this family folks we deserve a whole week, their energy fun and friendship makes a tour something fascinating. All my guests can expect to find much more than a guide, you will find a real friend. 

Visiting the places is not only the activities we are having here, part of the tour is discovering the local food. we will taste the best of Brazilian Couisine in local restaurants where prices are honest and the vibe very high. If you are a foodie person then you will love your time in Rio, I love finding new restaurants with amazing gastronomy ideas. Our food has rich african, indigenous and portuguese influence, It will be a delicious challenge to you stomach. 

So much more than a regular tour, it will be a meeting family, I am always here wiating for you to find a unique Rio, as I like to say, A REAL RIO!!!

It will be always a honor to welcome you here and you will have the same experience, maybe better experiences because here in Rio you will be a wonderful person that I always be happy to welcome! Bring your family, friends, mates, all folks and I will take care of the fun part.

Rafael Torres Lopes
or simply Rafa Torres

Tour Guide and Travel Planner