Tuesday, January 10, 2017


" More than a distant land over a shining sea; more than a steaming green; more than the shining eyes..."

Welcome to the spirit or Rio!

"Strange taste of a tropical fruit, romantic language of the portuguese, melody on a wooden flute, samba floating in the Summer breeze, take it easy...."

WELCOME TO MY COUNTRY!!! This Nation called Brazil which the main door you are opening today!!! :) I will be here with my portuguese, with this samba and beach passion that over flow my heart! 

I am a proud brazilian but honored to belong to this down side of America...OUR SOUTH AMERICA!!! The only one huge country where we speak a very special portuguese full of music, full of influences that make our people sooooo special!!!

The capital is Brasilia, you all should now that..but RIO DE JANEIRO is the capital of happiness, Here you will be informal because we are informal folks. We hardly shake hands, WE HUG...We do see you in the eye but WE KISS. 

Best behaviour tip: OPEN YOUR HEART AND BE YOURSELF!!!

Despite of all problems, Rio is Rio and you better have someone very keen about the land and its mysteries and you will HAVE A BALL!!!

I am the same Rafa no matter where I go, but here I am more than myself, here I let all the pleasure of having you here go out of my soul. If I have to describe the Rio's way of welcoming, I would say OPEN ARMS people. My work is a gift, and when you really love what you do then you are not working, you are just enjoying life!!!

A BRAZILIAN FELLOW WITH DEEPLY ARGENTINEAN SENTIMENTS, OR AN ARGENTINEAN ENTHUSIAST FULL OF BRAZILIAN CRAZYNESS. Sometimes it is hard to translate myself. Well, both countries can explain that RAFA who will be your friend for life, no doubt about it. 

As I was saying...OPEN ARMS; since 1931, Mr. Christ always wanted to make sure that every visitor would be hugged and protected by the arms of God. I HARDLY CAN WAIT TO MEET YOU HERE!!! 

But not only me, but my whole team, the famous Marcone, the famous Marcos, the famous Bell, more than guides, my personal friends who will make you feel you will be in very good hands!


OHHHHH, BUT...THIS IS THE "RAFA" FROM IPANEMA!!! Just kidding, but be informed that everything is possible, you will see Ipanema, but I cannot guarantee if you will be in the water, let's see...Rio will be hot during the time you will be here, so at least some COCONUT WATER to hydrate yourself, you will drink!

As you can see, this is really not a "normal guide" but who says I promised you a normal guide???? 17 years in this business I am always worried about being the friend you expect to meet when you travel to a foreign country. I will need your wide smile so I will give you brazilian happiness, not only me, but my whole crew.

Well, you know myself long enough to know that I am honored to welcome all of you here!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner


Monday, January 9, 2017


Folks, dear intrepid cruise travellers...Very few time we have for the big day and I am more than excited to see each one of you. Myself and my team will be waiting for you and we will make Buenos Aires a very pleasant european city OUT OF EUROPE. The city has a cool latin way. I will be one more traveller in the group, also my team. 

We do not like the ROBOT WAY of Guiding, we will discover the city together and we know the secrets!

I went to Buenos Aires last december just to make sure that our day in the city could be spectacular, prepare your curious eyes, get some energy for your legs because we will explore the city with our own foot. You know travelling is experience the local flavor of the city. 

Casa Rosada, the presidential house where Macri works will be one of the places we will take amazing photos!


The land of Tango...a charming dance with dramatic lyrics...tango is all about the lover who leaves the loved one, it is all about the mother that you leave behind when you look for a better position in life, it is a comparison between the mother who will always be with you when you do not have nothing left, it is about the horse gambling, the solitute life in the harbour. Tango still translate the soul of the PORTEÑO (native of Buenos Aires) but it is also the rhythm of Plata River which reaches both coast of Argentina and Uruguay. Tango is also CARLOS GARDEL, the maximum figure of every tango lover...Tango is Café Tortoni where we plan to have some coffee with you in a place where the main writers and artists of old Buenos Aires used to go.

The Tango sentence that I just started tells about the loyal dog that stopped eating because of the lover's absense, also left its owner...tragedy!!! Hahahaha. Once I was told that TANGO is a story of life that you tell in 3 minutes. 

VOLVER, POR UNA CABEZA, MI NOCHE TRISTE, GARUFA, MI BUENOS AIRES QUERIDO, MANO A MANO, CHOCLO, BALADA PARA UN LOCO...These are the names of tango that you will hear along the way...

AND IF YOU LIKE, SOON I WILL WRITE ABOUT A TANGO SHOW...GOING TO BUENOS AIRES AND NOT SEE A NIGHT OF TANGO is the same of going to Paris without even walk in front of MOULIN ROUGE...so it is considered a CRIME.

So I will give you food for thoughts promptly!!!

Buenos  Aires love to pretend it is Paris when you go to Recoleta Cemetery...just like Le Pere Lacheise, this place keeps the amazing and brave past of the country's memory...Most all the rulers, colonizers, presidents, intelectuals, and people who wrote the main chapters of Argentinean History are there included NO LLORES POR MI ARGENTINA (EVITA). Some funny legends you will find out there, and despite of not liking cemeteries so much, I will be there for you.

For the record, if any one of you have any used pair of shoes (like a old tennis shoes number 8,5 or 42 for europe) please consider taking with you as a donation. I WILL NEED ONE, and I am serious! :)

I usually use one pair of shoes to enter in any cemetery, then I will have to find a way to leave the shoes before getting to the van or to any house...Oh well, this is Rafa.

I will be enormously grateful...

My life in Buenos Aires is packed with super funny moments. Buenos Aires is very special to me since I was 17 years old. I could also transfer this feeling to my friend Marcone (he is part of our team), so we are BUENOS AIRES ADDICTED. We are ready to share new moments with you!!!

Please tell all your new friends that in Buenos Aires you will have a different day, invite all your colleagues, we still have some openings for a great tour this February, so be part of this laughing day. We are all waiting for you.

More info and details, just drop me a line, 

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner


Thursday, January 5, 2017


This time you will not see the crazy city, you will not hear the cars, you will not see so many people in a hurry...Our second day in Buenos Aires will be away from the big city, we will drive a little bit more than one hour and reach for quiet and peace; a real trip to the past and to the fascinating word of a gaucho life. 

The Gauchos are like the Cowboys in the Far West...descendents of spanish and africans that created their own culture with rich costums...the dealing with the cattle, the way to explore the wilderness and the hability to make the best barbecue on Earth. 

Chascomus is a laid back village in the countryside of Argentina and not so far from Buenos Aires, we will have a van to take us there, it will take a little bit more than one hour but every minute will be valid because we will experience the Gaucho Welcome at LA ALAMEDA farm and the Provincia way of life. Visiting a 200 years farm called Alameda which is now a place where city people go for a great rest in the forests of Chascomus. The city is bathed by a huge lagoon and great people. 

it will be your time to walk in the green paths of the farm, an opportunity to see animals and enjoy nature. A whole day with a great asado, enjoy the pool and simply tasting a different kind of tour.

Wanna join us??? Well...just drop me a line and I will make it possible. 

We are going there on the 1st of march

Tour Guide and Travel Planner