Thursday, March 20, 2014


Perfect one day tour in the skirts of Rio, in less than two hours drive we have all this happiness. A place where Brazil is 100% nature, a festival of waters (lovely when we have hot days. Perfect to make friendship strong..spending so many hours together you will have myself as your "distant cousin" and simply fascinating. Teresopolis is like this, a destination of adventure, a destination of total fun.

And to make this trip even more special, I had the RAFAGASM to have Dana Bowman with me, a wonderful guests and super, hyper and ultra friend that gave me some Tennesse style in my heart!  By the way Tennesee is very lucky to have her!!! Please TN people, keep her always happy! 

A day in Teresopolis is a very nice option when you have one day free in Rio...we can wild places that I have always shown my guests and we can find new places together, lots of incredible possibilities to know more about the Culture and the unique places in Rio! :)

And dear Reader....a day in the mountains means absolutely fantastic food everywhere, local restaurants, incredible gourmet delights in some of the exclusive Cottages found in the city. So you know...once we get to Teresopolis, you better be super hungry, and I am sure that your demanding and strong "eating desires" will be enormouly satisfied.

You can contact me and I will give you all the information about this day, it will be your best memories ever when you choose Rio to visit.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner


Okay...let me start with one name...POÇO DA PREGUIÇA...You are going to Rio and you want to see Copacabana, you are making your homework, then you come across with names like Corcovado, Sugar Loaf, Ipanema...coconut water, samba...if you go deep in your research then you will know more about Niteroi, Barra da Tijuca, Maracanã, Sambodromo...

But Poço da Preguiça????? What's on Earth is that????

It is also Rio de Janeiro...Poço da Preguiça is part of the several mineral waters pools (or literally "holes" in the Serra dos Orgãos National Park in Guapimirim and the elegant city of Teresopolis in the mountains of Rio. 

A visit to the mountains should never be forgotten and it takes the whole day. The contact with nature is simply extraordinary!!! :) Easy trails leads you to pieces of paradises and you can relax in the jungle. Just you and Mother nature. 

The best way to explore the National park is starting at Subsede in the small town of Guapimirim and continue the trip thoughout Teresopolis, Petropolis and Friburgo, but it is necessary to choose one town to spend the day and go back to Rio City. In this case we chose Teresopolis.

Teresopolis is famous to be one of the main cities in Rio"s will surprise you how big it is..with nice and green rich neighbohoods around Comary and this area has a landmark which is famous in all over Brazil. The Dedo de Deus Mountain (it means God's Finger). Actually the famous mountain belongs to Guapimirim, a village next door full of waterfalls and wild life that also deserves to be visited. But Teresopolis gets the fame and it has the best views of the park.

Dana and I had the incredible chance to have one more day together and I was honored to show her absolutely pristine nature spots in the Area, also with the help of my good and funny friend Sonia Chagas who is also my tour guide!

Exploring Teresopolis by car we also reach one location with a fantastic waterfall called Frades which once I wrote about in my blog...but going to Frades must be the end of your tour for a delicious swimming moments in such a incredible natural pool, the waters are cold and will give you that wonderful sensation of getting rid o the heat and it will give you a real lesson about Brazilian Natural Wonders.

impossible to describe in words how magnificent Frade's Valley is...full of rapids and falls, crystal clear waters and the privacy you need to enjoy nature exactly like the first conqueros witnessed one day in our History...A chance for you to find yourself our of the crowds and have the relaxation that you need!!!

One of my major pleasures in life is helping my guests to find these unique spots and I certainly enjoy every moment. I love the water and we are lucky to have plenty of water everywhere in the country, so summer is not that impossible to bear. We know that we always find a way to relax. 

Of course we had the sweet participation of Sonia...the seed of Teresopolis...without her hints we would be lost in so many streets...What a character and what a person full of energy and proud of her land! :) Sonia is one of the people that we need to make our lives wonderful. Thank you Sonia for your incredible presence!!!

ohhhhh Do not forget that Teresopolis is one of the Gastronomy Treasures of Rio State.

You see, joining in my know that it is is like meeting a distant relative, a cousin and a friend!!!

I am always here always when you need!!!

Thank you very much, 

Rafael Torres lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I AM IN CHARGE OF HOW I FEEL AND TODAY I CHOOSE HAPPINESS...this what you learn when you come across with wonderful people in your life. And since I met Dana, my very good friend in Tennessee, life kept being smooth and easy, because she is a soft person, full of energy and goodness. A real close friend, someone that comes to your heart and settle!!! :)))))

As usual I decided to make her trip special and I think she found a completely New World...She is one more person that could brazilianized.

We had so much fun at Joa Beach in the west side of Rio, a complete day exploring the coast and stopping in very unique beaches like Recreio and Prainha!!!

I knew that we would have lots of fun and we did!!! :)

By the way....CAMARÃO QUE DORME A ONDE LEVA, it is a appropiate title because that means a "sleeping shrimp will be carried by the waves"...meaning that if you do not will be left behind..meaning that you should take your life in the best way possible. We heard that phrase from a very traditional samba song.

And of course, a cool stop in the old and bohemian neighborhood Santa tereza to see the portuguese colonial architecture and the incredible street art that can be really part of your trip!!! :) We stopped like old friends for a coffee at Cafecito...

Dana...I know  while I am writing, you are here in Rio and right now in our be sure that right now I am moved  and honored to have you here. A person with open heart and crystal soul...thank you for teaching so many things that I still do not know yet, but I am sure it is recorded in my life. You are much more than welcome here, you are part of Brazil.

This picture were taken in Itacoatiara Beach, the most beautiful beach in Brazil as you can see it below:

Well...Dana, Brazil and Rio plus all the people that I love make my life wonderful and I thank you deeply for all that you give to me!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner