Monday, June 20, 2016


Puerto Rico always send me amazing people, the whole tour is made with only one material: GIGLES...Laughing out loud in every 5 minutes! :) So my hugs and regards to this magical island also known as "ISLA DEL ENCANTO"...Puerto Rico is fascinating and its people are fascinatining, so Gracias for trusting me to organize 3 days with you folks in Rio, and just to measure the high temperature of our meeting, this is our firts meeting and my whole experience with a group is there: HAPPINESS in a very generous way!

And when they meet Rafa in Rio...they jump with joy and you always have the coolest information, you will know all about our culture and you will see amazing places like Niteroi, Marapendi Wetland and so many places which people never know that places like that can exist.

And my special thanks to Carmen, she organized everything with me and together with her friends we had a ball in Rio. Thanks also to Jessica, Marcia, Laura, Sophia y el querido Miguel. Three days in Rio was very little, in fact to show all over Rio to this family folks we deserve a whole week, their energy fun and friendship makes a tour something fascinating. All my guests can expect to find much more than a guide, you will find a real friend. 

Visiting the places is not only the activities we are having here, part of the tour is discovering the local food. we will taste the best of Brazilian Couisine in local restaurants where prices are honest and the vibe very high. If you are a foodie person then you will love your time in Rio, I love finding new restaurants with amazing gastronomy ideas. Our food has rich african, indigenous and portuguese influence, It will be a delicious challenge to you stomach. 

So much more than a regular tour, it will be a meeting family, I am always here wiating for you to find a unique Rio, as I like to say, A REAL RIO!!!

It will be always a honor to welcome you here and you will have the same experience, maybe better experiences because here in Rio you will be a wonderful person that I always be happy to welcome! Bring your family, friends, mates, all folks and I will take care of the fun part.

Rafael Torres Lopes
or simply Rafa Torres

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Thursday, June 9, 2016


I am a tour guide for 16 years now, next year in January, I will turn 17 years so I am more and more convinced that it is my future. It is my passion and nothing is better than doing what you love. But more than a guide, my intention is being your friend in Brazil. Thanks to all that experience I am prepared to be with you in Rio, the door of so many incredible places in thus huge Brazil, and from Brazil to take you to many countries in South America which I know as the palm of my hand. 

Nice to meet you and be sure that you will always have very genuine moments and the best photos ever. 

I am here to make Rio easy for you...the classics like the Christ and the Sugar Loaf and the unknown places where just travellers go...Niteroi, Marapendi wetlands...the historical path, the bohemian tours...Local and homely Rio will be at your hands and in good hands you always will be!

With me I always have Marcone, we love to welcome your friends and future friends, we will welcome you in Rio, in Buenos Aires, in Montevideo, everywhere you want to have a wonderful adventure! For years we have been providing you the best of your travels in South America.

Okay, no you know what you can do when you decide to come to Brazil, you know that you will find someone who is mad about our lands! Rio de Janeiro is the SOUL of my work and here you will alway take amazing memories for life!

Thank you again and happy travels, 


Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Yes my friends, our first day in Buenos Aires will be busy, we will have one day to see a huge urban centre and one of the most fascinating cities in South America, so I was thinking, why not having a cool and deserved rest in a gaucho farm where you can enjoy the nature, to learn about this interesting cowboy culture and taste the best barbecue of your life???

We will go to a place that you never heard...there are many Estancias all around Buenos Aires...San Antonio de Areco or Campana but NO WAY...we are not going to places where tourists go...WE ARE TRAVELLERS!!! That is a different thing...With me you are not a tourist, you are not a GRINGO...with me and my team we take you WHERE PEOPLE ARE, so you will be part of local life.

The name of our little secret is Chascomus...a little village south of Buenos City with an untouched historical and spanish colonial center bathed by one of the beautiful and huge lagoons formed by rain water, underground springs and not so far from the main Parana River, we will had south and see the scenic Pampa Region. We will have the whole day to explore the town and enter in a countryside world of a gaucho farm called LA ALAMEDA. 

Once we get there our lives will be transfered to our last century but with lots of style...a comfort of a big house, a large field where our eyes loose sight...animals is like being in a different Texas, or in the aussie outback or very faraway farms of Spain and with all this THE GREAT LIFE STYLE OF A GAUCHO PERSON! We will explore the nature in the water, in pleasant walks in the grasslands, we will see the gaucho work and we will try their food, and wow, get prepared to have a STOMACH ORGASM (if I dare to say - but be sure that Marcone and I will be your guides but way more important than this we will be your friends). One day that we will never forget in our lives and for generations and generations I am sure that you will always recommend.

Okay now you must know a little bit about the GAUCHO WAY OF LIFE...The gaucho land is called Pampa, and the Pampa Region holds the south of Brasil mostly concentrated in Rio Grande do Sul State, all over Uruguay and a big part of Argentina mostly in the area of Buenos Aires, this is a huge rural area where they still keep very old traditions and we are going to experience all of it.

Okay, here we get to Chascomus will take about 1:20 minutes...the best farms are not so close to the city but it belongs to what we call greater Buenos Aires, it will require a little sacrifice, we will start as earlier as possible, most of the activities will happen between 12:00 pm and 14 pm, before this time and after this time we will be free to do what we want, river activities, pool area, a little hiking or simply chill out in the nature. Do not forget that we will need some time to see the city which is very old, historical and important to the argentinean national heritage. Lunch, pool area and the show will be included. It will be a different day for us.

We will use very comfortable vans to get there, so our trip will be pleasant and fun.

Marcone and I will be waiting for you. Argentina is our second home, it always have been the place where we choose to spend some time out of Brazil, this is the place where we have our friends and each time we have more places to take our faithful guests such as the Capital, Iguazu Falls, Salta, Jujuy, Bariloche, El Calafate and Ushuaia, and we also have a lot of great guides in our team.

Thank you very much, 

Rafa and Marcone
Tour Guides and Travel Planners