Monday, March 19, 2018


Dear Reader, life is so tough in Brazil that I decided to earn some tips as a "car watcher".... hahahaha, I am joking of course! :))) But it is just to celebrate the job of some friends I have in Niteroi that I know for ages, and they really have an eye on the cars parked close to the MAC Museum, they lent me part of their uniform when I welcomed my Chicago's friends, Tom, John, Curt and Mike, my new friends from Illinois, we had a blast in Niteroi. 

In Rome do like Romans so they say...Well, this is not Rome, and we are not Romans...hahahah :)

Coconut Water is very popular in Brazil, and I want my guests to "experience" everything, Niteroi gives us several options of fun, places, views and to visit places where just locals go. Touring with Rafa is not touring with a "tourguide", it is like playing with your "cousin" who is passionate to show Rio through the eyes of a local, but not a regular are lucky to meet someone really in love with the land and proud with his culture. 

Love for my work, fascination for people and respect for the traveler fellow, in this case, it is my new friend and great guest Curt from Chicago. Keep discovering new places like Niteroi and in Rio, you will always have a friend. 

What really matters to me will be your big smile, great conversations and lots of interesting info that will always make Brazil a special place.


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Friday, March 16, 2018


When you think about Brazil, you immediately think about  Samba, and Samba is the heart of the Brazilian People, the percussions are like our heartbeat, and we make beautiful words in very exciting melodies. As Argentina has tango, you know perfectly well that Brazil has the SAMBA. 

When we travel we like to be close enough to the local culture, and GOOD FOR YOU, I am a tour guide but also a big fan of the Brazilian Traditions and Culture, so I am always present and involved with Brazilian Music, I do not play any instrument, but I love music, I admire who sings and who writes music. And I know some good names of Brazilian music. 

It is more or less like this, if I were in the States, Dionne Warick would be my close friend, but I am in Brazil and I am in Rio, so I can say, Ana Costa is a "delicious" friend of mine and I am proud of that because she is one of the newest and incredible voices of our Samba.

I have her entire concert when she recorded her last DVD, and you have the chance to appreciate the best of our culture below:

When you come to Rio, you will experience more than beaches and nature, you will be part of a world of rhythm, fun, joy. Lapa will be waiting for you, night tours with Rafa will give you the best of Samba and moments that you will not forget. Write to me for further information,

More than a tour guide in Rio, you will have a friend, 

Tour Guide and Travel Planner
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Monday, March 12, 2018


Con muchisimo gusto yo les voy a encontrar en el aeropuerto, por eso es muy importante que ustedes no dejen de ver este video muchas veces porque si vienen de vuelos internacionales, yo siempre voy estar esperando frente o cerca a este BANCO SAFRA, y estoy seguro que me van a reconocer. 

Vengan muy descansados pues casi siempre empezamos el tour desde nuestro encuentro. Yo voy a estar en la mayoria de las veces o tambien puedo enviar un conductor de mi confianza que va a estar en el mismo lugar junto al BANCO SAFRA. 

No voy a estar con un cartelito porque no es asi que se reciben los amigos, voy a estar yo con una larga sonrisa y los brazos abiertos. 

Yo soy el que está lleno de bananas, jajajaja :) es que casi siempre estoy con lentes, esta foto la saqué en uno de mis tours por la Amazonia. 

Esta foto fué la sacamos en unos de mis tours en una ciudad que para mi es un hogar. Buenos Aires, donde tengo muchos amigos, y una de las ciudades del mundo que mas me explican. 

Me llamo Rafael, y los amigos y toda la gente cercana me llaman de RAFA, soy guia de turismo hace 19 años y estoy basado en Rio pero soy guia en todo Brasil. 

Bueno cualquier cosa, escribime siempre para el correo o agregame en el whatsapp que es +5521 97540 4501


Rafael Torres Lopes
Guia de Turismo