Thursday, June 15, 2017


MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS!!! I think this is the best way to start when we write about Argentineans. They are our neighbors. A plane from Buenos Aires takes 3 hours to land in Rio when it is very cold there...they find shelter under our pleasant autumn sun...they come to enjoy our forests and exploring our wild shores. 

Argentineans here are always fun and we get along so well, so laughs and funny moments are guaranteed!!!

It is always great to show my Rio and make them feel completely at home, and Rio helps with stunning views, the ocean all surrounded by green mountains and delicious refreshing coconut water.

Once you have an Argentinean Friend, you have a friend for life!

Oh well...when your work is pure pleasure, it is not really work, when you put your heart in everything you do, then everything is easy. It seems I am quite popular among the Argentineans, hahaha :) Marcela and Paola are my very good friends until today, and I visited them in Buenos Aires, but when they come to Rio our bellies simply explode with so many laughings. 

No doubt Brazil is their best and favorite playground. Argentineans are one of the top most frequent people that I welcome and the stories will continue forever. They are my good friends and for sure they will always have an ambassador in Rio de Janeiro.

Gracias Queridos, for helping my work better and better, thank you for all the inspiration that will make Rio even more fascinating not only for you but for all people I welcome with arms wide open!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Monday, May 1, 2017


It is very difficult for me to put so much happiness in words when I think about Ilha Grande. stop thinking about and JUST COME!!! I know the way to many paradises close to Rio and this island is my option number one!!!

Ideally, we have to spend at least one night there, but I am not that selfish so I can make this paradise for just one day...and we can do a lot of places. 

Thanks to my friend and TV Reporter Stefani Gamboa from Washington DC we had a glorious day, we rent a speed boat and could explore the hidden places of the islands like avid pirates and conquerors. 

This is always the result of our day in Ilha Grande, endless smiles, laughs and gorgeous pictures. Tropical beaches, amazing inlets where we can see Brazil exactly like the Portuguese saw our Nation 500 years ago. Lovely sparkling emerald waters, absurdly stunning Nature that will make you be sure that you are in a paradise far away from the crazy big cities. 

You have a life in New York??? I know, it is a fascinating city but some days in Ilha Grande will make you feel so much better that you will be back to your home with a different and "soft" mood. If we, who live in Rio, and we also have a wonderful city, we love going to Ilha Grande on the weekends, and our lives get sooooooo much easier after SOME HOURS IN THIS BLESSED ISLAND CALLED ILHA GRANDE. 

Getting there is easy but it will demand a little sacrifice: WAKING UP VERY EARLY, we have to leave here about 6:00 am to take the speed boat at 8:00 am in a village called CONCEIÇÃO DO JACAREI. I have made a little video showing the kind of transportation we take, and it takes only 20 minutes to cross, we get to the island before 9:00 am and we finish our activities by 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm. And we get back to Rio always after 9:00 pm. You will be tired in the end but think about that your heart will have different beats forever.

Well, now it is your turn to write to me and we can arrange such a different day in your trip to Rio de Janeiro. But think about to spend about 4 or 5 days so we will have time to discover the secrets of Rio that only curious and passionate locals have. Yes, I am a registered tour guide, but I really do not like to be called or considered a tour guide, I am your new friend in Rio who will be honored to have your presence here! I just want to make my land easier for you. It is your chance to be a traveler in Rio, not a single tourist. I am here to show you the SOUL of Rio. 

I am proud to have travel partners all over the World, so they will certainly recommend the best way to contact me, but you can also write to me directly, just drop me a line to or add me on WhatsApp which is +5521 98018 0510

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Cariocas are the name given to the natives of Rio, and Irish, you know what Irish means. 

The world CARIOCA was invented by the indigenous people that the Portuguese navigators found here in the 1500s. The funniest thing is that the type of housing called more attention than the white color of their skin (I am talking about the Portuguese), so they named:


So literally they meant: THE FOLKS OF THE WHITE HOUSE. 

And IRISH, you know what Irish means...a native from the green and happy Ireland.

All this explanation to explain that for me CARIOCA and IRISH have different meanings...they both means OPEN SPIRIT, BIG LAUGHS, AND DEEP FRIENDSHIP

And my Irish friends Sarah and Catherine came...and I had the honor to show the best of Rio in one day. And we focused on NITEROI most of the time.

What a gorgeous place Niteroi is always a great surprise for any traveler to find so many hidden places. Spots that a tourist will never find, you should always have someone from the area to take you to these unique beautiful places. Beaches, hills and islands. 

Never ignore NITEROI in any trip to Rio, that is my suggestion.

So wonderful to share this amazing view of Rio from Niteroi, Parque da Cidade is a must see place and the reactions when my guests see this spectacle of Nature sometimes is more interesting than the place itself.

Thanks Girls for all your trust and friendship.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner