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Brazilians are always fascinated about India and we are very curious about Indian the big cities like São Paulo, Rio, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and some other big cities in the North East of Brazil such as Recife and São Luis, YOGA is very popular. In Rio, Shantalla is a fever, many mothers go to YOGA CENTERS to get their babies deeply relaxed with this incredible indian massage. The costuns, the indian landscape and the deep conexion with Goa, also so many vegetable species that we have in common with India like the Mangoes, the Jack Fruit and the incredibly shady almond trees...

In 2009 in the World of Soap Operas which Brazil is the leading capital we decided to show INDIA to all Brazilian, in noble time in our TV...TV GLOBO started with the absolutely luxurious CAMINHO DAS INDIAS production and we invited as a co-work the huge giant movie makers BOLLYWOOD!!!!

Go to youtube and see the opening of the NOVELA, this is what we saw everyday between august and november 2009 -

And also this indian scened performed by brazilian artists - - that is the moment when the Dadi of Raj tells the family that his son died and the widow Maya got desperated.


We decided to send our actors and actresses to India where they spent months learning the culture, the language, the habits and dress code. It was a great fun time for Brazilians in India, until then a very difficult destination for us, but since the Soap Opera started, India became a very common destination for Brazilians.

Hindi words like the romantic and full of desire sentences like MEN TUNSYE BAHUT PYAR KARTA HUN which means I love you so much (in very intimacy moment); we also learnt that there different kind of love in the Indian culture like the PYAR which is a love full of desire and PREM which is a divine love, something beyond description, a sort of love that you do not care about being loved, you just love!!! :)

Or if you want to put an end in any topic you are discussing...just say SHIVA SHIVA SHIVA or DURGA DURGA DURGA which is evoking a God as powerful as Shiva...

Even funnier is listening from every one in the streets of Brazil words like DJA DJA (which means go go go) or more impressive when a single brazilian says out loud AREBABA!!! (more or less like MY GOD!!!). Also we know that in a more repsectful way there are brazilians that says ARABAGUANDI...Also it was very common to say in Rio TIKE HE...which means ALRIGHT!!!

Also some angry words like saying GANDU to one person, for sure an indian person will be very offended, but it means calling someone as very stupid. Or KUTTA which means DOG, calling someone as KUTTA is not a good idea.

In My Tours I am PRIVILEGED to welcome so many people from India...indian people living in the UK, indian people living in the USA, indian people living in Australia, indian people living in South Africa...I think that the indian community do like me; maybe because they know that I also admire their culture, maybe they know that I am very curious about India and somehow I understand their culture and habits so I make their stay in Rio de Janeiro and in the rest of Brazil very easy and comfortable for them!!!

If you read my old postings you will see that I had great experiences with my indian friends!!! :) I am just not so used with the spicy food, but I love some soft flavors...


My interest for India is something that follows my whole life...I am sure I will go there one day and I will report in this blog my INDIAN ADVENTURES!!! I am a great fan of their culture, I am a great fan of their geography, I would love to learn more about the forests of Kashimir, the coast of Kerala, the joy and excitiment of Goa with their very similar costuns that Brazil and Goa share...the misteries of Jaipur...the majestic HIMALAIA RANGE; one of my dreams is spotting the lions in Gir region. India for me means FASCINATION. It is for sure one of the countries in Asia that I am mad about visiting....

I am so crazy to visit India that I even would love to understand the so complicated rules of CRICKET which I know it is like football here in Brazil.

NAMASTE to all my Indian Friends and NAMASTE to all Indian Readers which I deeply thank you for your attention!!!

Send me wonderful indian families, I am always here ready to show you the best of Rio and the best of my country to you!!!

DHANYABAD or simply CHUKRIA for all your interest, curiosity and friendship!!!

With all my love,

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A friend in Rio

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King of Good Times said...

Iam totally so glad to read it that I'am unable to speak up my mind. Only one thing... Hugs from India, for this awesome article.
Broad welcome to you and my Brazilian friends to India.