Thursday, April 13, 2017


It is easier to ask me where in Brazil I have not been...I am so lucky to know nearly all over the country, and in all my travels, adventures and journeys, I can picture in my mind, the five most beautiful places in Brazil. 

And, this is my Second Favorite image in Brazil wierd...this is the place where I born, the place I promote all over the World and my base where I start all the tours in South America.  Niteroi is my homeland and Rio my spectacular office. I agree it is one of the most beautiful city in the World, but this place called PARQUE DA CIDADE is my TEMPLE...

Here I take all my guests to feel this impact...countless WOW, people that simply see this beauty with tears in their eyes...Yes, I know how to make Rio touches your soul...

And for the record, my first favorite image in Brazil is no doubt, the Iguazu Falls from the brazilian side.

And we will have loads of fun in Niteroi, in your trip to Rio this is the place where we will visit. I spent 20 wonderful years in my life there, and the photos we are going to take will be speechless gorgeous. Come and feel embraced by new places not so far from your hotel!

I will be pleased to take you to some unique secrets!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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