Tuesday, March 14, 2017


If you ask me what I like most in my work, among millions of answers, I would say, the true smile of all people I welcome here. Rio is deeply beautiful and easy to explore and there are places away from all you read in travel books, and my proposal is taking you to all the hidden spots. 

Every day is a new story for me. I still feel that big population of butterflies in my stomach before every tour, it is like this when I have one person, it is exactly the same when I have a couple and it is pretty much the same when I have a big group. They are not CLIENTS, they are guest, and most of these people become FRIENDS FOR LIFE.

Places are very important, we all love to see new places and feel our trip to be unique, but what remains in our memories are the incredible moments we have together. I love sharing my passion, I love showing to all guests THE RAFA, not exactly the TOUR GUIDE. So  come to see the SPIRIT of Rio de Janeiro, I will also show you the "body" of Rio, but think more about the soul of the place. Think about Rio as a place that you will visit over and over again. In Rio you will have a new friend, me and my team!

The sun is really generous in  Rio, so there is a bog risk that we will jump in the water when you feel the heat of Rio I am sure you will agree with me. We will visit many ocean beaches like Grumari, Recreio or Barra. Places where locals go and special places away from the big touristic waves. This day in Rio will be so different that you will be amazed at so many places that you could not research before.

We will have a special day between 6 and 8 hours visiting stunning places in out coast.

The west side of Rio has lots of neighborhoods like Marapendi waiting for you. A Rio that you will not be a tourist, you will be an expert.

I am here to make you feel special, I will be the one who will provide super different pictures on your facebook page or instagram. I am ready and happy to assist you in the Brazilian Adventure!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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