Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Wow wow wow!!! So you choose to come to Rio??? This is fantastic!!! That means I will have to make it special for you and I need to start by introducing you some cool surprises...NOT COPACABANA, NOT SUGAR LOAF, NOT THE CHRIST!

We are starting with places that a regular tourist will never think about visiting (the classic places we can do it afterward)

And I am talking about NITEROI...YES NITEROI!!!

True, I am always very excited when I take my guests to Niteroi, less than 20 minutes far from Rio, a place where you will find many different angles for your amazing travel photos. A place where you will really feel a local, so sunny and so spectacular.

In our way, we will stop to see a Museum, not really be visiting the museum but appreciate all the views from there, and this place is really important for us as our famous architect who built BRASILIA our capital, his name is Oscar Niemeyer, also left his great work, the Contemporary Art Museum. 

We will explore together many unknown places in the surroundings of Rio. You will see places that very few visitors know. So adding Niteroi in your itinerary will give you a lot of knowledge, a lot of great stories to tell. You will see much more, the photos does not make justice for everything we will see there!

So come join us for a different tour and figure out that RIO IS MUCH MORE THAN COPACABANA!

Places like Itacoatiara, Piratininga, Itaipu, Boa Viagem, Jurujuba and Parque da Cidade will be forever in your visited places list. 

Count on me, guarantee your place in this endevour, write to

With much love, 

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Ohhhh and by the way...

My name is Rafael, all my friends, family and guests call me RAFA. I will be your guide in Rio (also in so many places that if you ask me I will be pleased to tell) but  also your friend in Rio, I am in this lovely business for 17 years now and still planning to be your reference in South America for a looong time. You will be in very good hands!

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