Saturday, March 11, 2017


HAHAHAHA OUR TWO DAYS IN RIO WAS CERTAINLY BUSY. The city is big, full of surprises and we had more than 100 people to deal with. A big honor for us because we do not see this people as client, passengers or GRINGOS....No...they are our visitors, they are our friends, they are our guest and it is my land, so it had to be special and I have made everything humanly possible, so it was not perfect but for sure every one had our best passion, our best attention and our best smile!!!

So it worked, and we want more! :)

All my guests deserve the best, so I select the la creme de la creme of my own team. I had the pleasure to be there together with Marcone Lima, the brain of all logistics, thanks to him we tried to deal with the wild traffic of gorgeous Rio; I had the expertise and the big sense of humor of Marco Coelho, he brings all the glamour that Rio had and nowadays is fighting hard to renovate a new glamour; I had Sonia with all her good heart and generosity and a soft love for Rio; I had Guilherme, the foodie member of my team, hahaha, he knows where the best local spots are and I hope one day he writes a book about Gastronomy; and last but not least, Juliana was part of the team, she knows the inside stories of each neighborhood. So the crew all organized by my good friend and great guest John Pain had the best in Rio and I think they had a fantastic time!

We had six groups and my group was lucky to go to Niteroi on the first day which was not part of the itinerary but I had to change because traffic in the city was super complicated, and Niteroi is my homeland, always a special place that I love taking all the visitors; from the other side of the bay you can have a broad vision of whole Rio, is like watching the whole New York City from Brooklyn. 

My big concern was taking my people to see this beauty. From the top of Parque da Cidade lookout where they can have an idea about how magic Rio is. And I am grateful because after months and months planning we all could meet in Rio.

John Pain and Rose, my australian friends that I had the honor to welcome. Just like all of us, they were so happy to visit the icon of Rio, the Christ where you can also have different views of all Rio. It was a lovely day that people could be a lot of the city, like the forest of  Tijuca, the Wetlands, a little bit of Rio's downtown. 

My big thanks go to each one of you that made this tour possible. Rio is always better with your visit here, so please spread the words and tell to anyone you know that in Brazil they will find a good friend!

Rafa is ready to make this city special and easy for you!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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