Friday, March 10, 2017


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So difficult to find the proper words, it is hard to explain here all the energy, all the joy and all the big vibe we had in this place. It is a chance you have to experience the "raw stuff"...Reaching the interior of Argentina where the way of life is completely different from the big metropolis...a place where we can hear the birds sing, a spot where the air cleans your lungs, a place where one of the best moments is simply the true smile of a countryside person.

Coming to Argentina without spending a day in a Gaucho farm will never be a complete trip. 

NOT FAR FROM BUENOS AIRES you will find a place called Santa Susana.

The freedom of the endless fields of the Pampa, the typical gaucho territory, the welcome feeling of simple people which biggest concern is serving yummy empanadas and a glass of the finest wine and you feel at home in less than a second. One day in the countryside will make your trip to Buenos Aires really something to remember!

We offer a way of not feeling a "tourist", you will feel part of the environment, you will be part of the daily life in many different ways; one day in the farm you will understand more of South America. Santa Susana is an active farm where you will see the deepest traditional of the countrymen; the guacho life is simple and fascinating and we can spend a whole day .

And of course...when we talk about Argentina, we are talking about steaks ever!!! Lots of wine and good beer. Argentina is proud to have the best barbecue in the World, in the farm, food is plenty and non stop, and music all the time to get you really inside of the Gaucho World.

We are ready to organize one day tours to the Farm, just contact us and you will see a different world. The farm has more than 100 years and still producing and helping the local economy to grow. Just spending one day there you will be helping a lot of local people. They need your attention and they need you to spread the word!!!

That was the result of a wonderful day at LOS CARDALES, nothing would be possible without the good hand of this Aussie couple, John and Rose, my super dear friends (we are like family) from Adelaide, in the far and fascinating Australia, we organize this fantastic group and the whole day were filled with HUGE LAUGHS, food, music and some tears of happiness...this is what happens when you do things with love and passion!

I truly love people and seeing the bright of each one's eyes is what I am looking for!!!

Thank you very much you all and you dear Reader, just join us in all adventures. You will always be in excellent hands!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planners

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