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ME, MYSELF AND BUENOS AIRES; AND AMAZING FRIENDS...The dream came true. And the first word that comes to my mind is LOVE. I love Buenos Aires and I always wanted to share this love with anyone I know, to all people that want to visit this European city with a hot latin blood!!!

Buenos Aires is still fascinating and easy to every visitor and as a guide, I decided to add this vibrant city in my tour itineraries and I had a challenge: WELCOME A BIG GROUP coming from many different countries especially United States, Canada and Australia. 

I was thinking...I speak Spanish since I was born and I use the local accent, I have been visiting Buenos Aires since I was 17 years old and gosh...I am 45 years old; I have many fantastic friends and just like my own town, Rio de Janeiro, I know the city as the palm of my hand and I thought to myself: I CAN DO IT!!!

Marcone accepted the challenge, he is my loyal musqueteer and helped me a lot with all the logistic and guiding; my friend and extremely sophisticated Daiana accepted the invitation, she is one of the best guides in Buenos Aires. Thanks to some knowledge I have, I could count with a brilliant staff that guaranteed great transportation thanks to my friends Omar and Juan. I wanted a perfect team to welcome a special group captained by my very good American friend Wayne Easler in the first day and my friend John Pain on the second day. 

Argentina is like my own country and Buenos Aires one of my super important reference in life. Thank you BUENOS AIRES then, and thank you both for such an extraordinary work.

In the past, Puerto Madero was left behind. completely forgotten in the back of the Presidential House, the Casa Rosada. After the 90s local and foreign investment led to a massive regeneration effort, recycling and refurbishing the west side warehouses into elegant houses, upper-class buildings, offices, lofts, private universities, luxurious hotels like the stunning HILTON HOTEL and restaurants that conform to a gallery of options for this new district in a city that grew up turning its back to the River (well, they do not have the powerful ocean in front like Ipanema, in Rio). At Puerto Madero you can see the famous pedestrian bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava, the so-called Puente de La Mujer; the old navy school ship Fragata and some of the best restaurants in town like the prestigious Las Lilas. 

Starting with the new parts of Buenos Aires was a way to give a lot of value to the past that built this marvelous city. And we went to Floralis  Generica, in the Green United Nations Square, this flower was made of steel and aluminum, this time the architect that gave his name to this enormous piece of art is an Argentinean Eduardo Catalano (big coincidence, Calatrava is from Catalunya). In... 2002, Eduardo said that the flower is a synthesis of all the flowers and, at the same time, a hope reborn every day at opening, in fact, the flower was designed to move, closing its petals in the evening and opening in the morning.

This day was totally dedicated to my friends Wayne and Bonnie, we have met some years ago in another great tour in Rio. I was sad I could not show Rio for this cute couple that always gives me culture, knowledge, and love. I know that in Nevada I have a home in their hearts!

Well...Buenos Aires also have a World's Famous Cemetery like Père Lachaise in Paris or Lafayette Cemetery nearby New Orleans, it is a must-see place in the city since this is an open museum with extraordinary sculptures, bizarre corridors where you can clearly see the coffins but also famous characters of Argentinean History are mostly buried there. So it is possible to visit the tomb of Evita and lots of amazing stories of people buried alive, ghosts and cats, lots of cats, hahahaha

Palermo it an amazing green space that provides fresh and cool air to Buenos Aires, it is famous for its gardens and lakes. The Rose Gardens is one of the most famous in the Planet. For the record Palermo is a traditional high middle-class neighborhood in the city where you can find magnificent mansions, embassies. The Rose Garden just turned 100 years old, this is a reason of big pride in the city and indeed it was a big pleasure to take all of you there!

Our stop for lunch had to be at LA BRIGADA, in my opinion, we are talking a STEAK INSTITUTION!!! OMG the Steaks!!! The Colita de Lomo were killer! We were eating on HISTORY, right in the heart of San Telmo, simply the most traditional neighborhood of Buenos Aires, we put together the whole group; for sure the owner was VERY HAPPY!!!

And just like the end of a Tango, we closed the page of our "Buenos Aires Book" at Caminito, the bohemian neighborhood of La Boca, a place that used to be the main port of Buenos Aires where all the goods were exported and new technology entered the country, so many immigrants especially Italian settled; as a result La Boca is famous for the pasta restaurant and the CONVENTILLOS made with pieces of colorful cans. Today it is the most original spots in town and the musical vibe is contagious.

Argentina has many symbols, the iconic Carlos Gardel, the voice of Tango; Evita Peron, the voice of People; Maradona, the hand of God, La Virgen de Lujan, sources or miracles from a very faithful people. In one day we did our best to make you understand this fascinating country called Argentina. We are always here to make easy your visit to Buenos Aires. 

Write to us and subscribe your name for the next tours, we know how to make Buenos Aires your home and we are ready to show a different BAIRES (as locals say); thanks to you more tours will come and I am sure you will have heaps of fun!

Rafael, Marcone and Daiana
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