Thursday, March 9, 2017


An outsider will never know there is a place where you can have a very close contact with wild animals, a place that you learn about nature preservation, a place where you know they are concern about wildlife outside of South America. These people often send animals to Africa in order to populate areas where these animals are missed. 
And they develop a great work rescuing animals who were tortured in so many circuses spread out all over Argentina which now, thank God, it is highly forbidden to use animals in public presentations.

Everybody know I am a cat person, so the ZOO OF LUJAN is a real paradise for me!

We have two cats at home, and meeting this big one meant a lot to us! It is my third visit to this wonderful lady, always calm and sweet and generous to show such a fantastic beauty, touching this cat gives you different sensations. And you can visit Lujan as well. 

We organize tours so we can take you to have such an impressive experience.

Completely different than feeding my own cats, but the tongue is the same, hahahah :) But absolutely fascinating to provide food to those enormous creatures, the tiger has only one year old and my little lion friend just 10 months.

Lots of bad people say that the animals are drugged, non sense, the cats are there since they were born, most of them are used to the human presence and there is no risk of being attacked, since the very beginning of this place they never had any kind of accident, the love, care and respect for those animals is huge!

And of course, Sharima was there, as usual, she is an old friend of mine!!! This lovely female 26 years old elephant gets happy when I was there, maybe because I am the one who runs and play with her with a cucumber in hand and shouts out her name like crazy and I can notice her shining and happy eyes!

I love animals, I have learned so much about. And I believe they have souls, intelligence and noble feelings and Lujan make sure they are safe and respected!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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