Wednesday, February 15, 2017


In our free time, Marcone and I never go to the touristy places in Rio, we always select places where there are not hotels around, we will be surrounded by endless sea, green forest, and white sand so we can have some privacy. Life is sometimes so busy, in a hurry and lots of stress, so the idea is to disconnect a little and enjoy ourselves. 

This is also an option that I provide to all my guests to be introduced to a more intimate Rio de Janeiro. In this part of Rio, we can still find places where nothing changed since the Portuguese stepped foot for the first time in our history.

Rio is more fascinating when we reach places where just the people of Rio go...Recreio, Grumari, Prainha and Guaratiba are names where you will not find in any travel plan, but for sure you will meet your friends and have lots of fun!

Close to Grumari there is even a nude beach where I confess that I go once in a while; giving some freedom to your private parts does not hurt, hahahaha :)

Dramatic views, amazing mountains and gorgeous beaches, this is what you find when choosing a different tour with us. 

Come to witness another side of Rio, a regular pace of an extraordinary city which is proud to be one of the most beautiful places in the Planet. 

I am sure you will enjoy this festival of Nature not so far from the busy districts of Rio, Grumari and Abricot beaches are the most secluded beaches we have, and surely we will visit all of it. 

I am pleased to take my guests to the places that I personally go for leisure, the places where I get rid of all booze and for sure you will love it. A whole beach day and this is wonderful to face our hot summer...seeing gorgeous places, meeting beautiful people and enjoy the fine local cuisine.

I am here to make Rio easy for you, as I always say...not your guide but your friend in Brazil.

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