Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Sometimes people want to do what other people usually do not do, being to places away from the tourist discussion, being to places that hardly a regular tourist would never think to visit. And nothing pleases more than taking my guests to my hometown Niteroi where Rio can be seen in a very unique way.

THE UNKNOWN NITEROI is not so far from the city of Rio and it is always forgotten by people influenced by the fame of Rio.

I always is a big crime not going to Niteroi, people never know how much Niteroi adds to your traveling wishes. 

If people want to see many different places, NITEROI is by far the best option and in my opinion we should keep this secret. Niteroi is okay for not being famous and RAFA and his team are always ready to help you find amazing places.

Niteroi is famous for being the SMILE CITY and no doubt that once we are there we feel something different in the soul, a place where people talk to you...they are not worried about what you have but they want to know who you are, a city that welcomes all souls, absolutely friendly environment. 

Unique views will surprise you, a great inspiration for great photographers and a place where you forget about time, nature and yourself will be together with you all the time. Niteroi gives you wild adventure for the brave heart travelers who dare to challenge the airspace like this guide who writes to you...have a look below:

Well, I must tell you that Niteroi has one of the top 20 best beaches in Brazil, this paradise has a name: ITACOATIARA. Perfect waves, impressive rock formations, natural pools and incredible sandwich that you just find in Itaqua (this is how the locals usually call it. For sure a place to fall in love with.

Names that you never heard...and so what??? new places that will live in your book of travels and it will remain in your memories forever. Come and discover new ways of seeing a Rio that no one still never touched. A place that you will never be treated like a tourist, you will feel yourself a real traveler and part of the daily life.

Maybe I am not the right person to explain what Niteroi is...simply because the best years of my life I spent there...Niteroi has great stories about Rafa, that is why I am always honored when I take my guests there.

Well, I am here to make your trip special. My life is nearly all dedicated to guarantee the same smile that NITEROI has.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Guide

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