Thursday, February 9, 2017


Life needs to be enjoyed, so let's make the best of life, this is an easy task when you are in Rio and wow...big groups are coming and guess what??? I am ready. I am so fortunate to love what I do, and I love it dearly and FEBRUARY IS THE BEST MONTH TO SEE RIO because it is PARTY TIME!!!

WELCOME, EVERYONE!!! Carnival is waiting, the sun is waiting, the sunny beaches are here with wide arms opened to tell you: WE ARE PLEASED TO SEE YOU HERE!!!

I do not know what's going on here in Rio, not so many people are it is time for you to spread the news...COME TO RIO!!! You will have not only a guide as I always mention in my millions of emails I write every day. RAFA WILL BE YOUR FRIEND HERE! 

I am a tour guide for more than 17 years, this is all I know about life...studying deeply the best spots for you to is not the body of Rio, Brazil or Argentina, I take you to see the soul of those places. So crazy for this work and I bet we will have fun!

I have a wonderful team with me and we are concerned to provide meetings with real people, folks that you will be friends forever! And we are here for you. Indoors and outdoors we will laugh, we will roll on the floor of so much laughing. VISIT RIO WITH HUMOR and this trip will be forever in your memories!

So do not expect a classic tour...protocols??? Which protocols??? I will be the same Rafa from the person in the street to Queen Elizabeth and we will all have a blast!

In Argentina, I will take my people to see the tango nights, and in Rio get yourselves prepared because WE ARE GOING TO SAMBA NIGHTS. wE KNOW THE SINGERS, WE KNOW THE PEOPLE WHO DEDICATE THEIR LIVES FOR THE SAMBA, and the genuine experiences in Rio's culture will be with us!

Yes, this will be your TOUR GUIDE IN RIO and also the TOUR CONDUCTOR of a wonderful team of guides. We are serious but we have this large smile in the mouth, we translate our spirit for you...the spirit of Rio is CARNAVAL, the beating of the heart is our SAMBA.

We want you here, forget about the mosquitos...we hardly find one here, forget about crime...knowing the right people you will be safe...because remember...RAFA AND HIS TEAM ARE NOT TOUR GUIDES, THEY ARE YOUR CLOSE FRIENDS IN RIO, ALL BRAZIL, AND ALL SOUTH AMERICA!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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