Thursday, February 2, 2017


Carlos Gardel...or simply Gardel, top legend of Tango...the voice that made tango famous all over the World...he died in Medellin in a place crash in 1936, his funeral was a national trauma but you feel in the atmosphere when you reach every traditional corner of Tango in Buenos Aires streets that he is there...

We will hear voices saying that GARDEL STILL LIVES, we will also hear people say that each day Gardel sings even better than before...No doubt that he is a legend, the carismatic face that made Argentina famous. Tango and Gardel walks hand by hand in the heart of all argentineans AND WE MUST FEEL THIS VIBE!!!

Remember that the most fascinating way to see a new place is diving deeply in the soul...From the old to the young, there is a huge  national pride, Much more than a rhythm and dance, Tango is a religion, reason why the city is packed with TANGO HOUSES. And Tango produced many fantastic names like Troilo, Ruben Sosa, Goyeneche, Piazolla and many other musicians. Tango is so important that there is a university especialized in TANGO.

Tango has new voices and will never die thanks to the incredible energy of the uruguayan performer Francis Andreu that still make clear that tango is like blood in our veins, and there are other names that you should research like Adriana Varela and Raul Lavie.

Well, I am always part of the fun, hahahahah who does not get involved with the tango air...If you go to Caminito, if you go to Santelmo...follow the bohemian steps of tango and I WANT YOU TO HAVE THE SAME FEELING!!!

WE ARE GOING TO A TANGO SHOW...We will have one night free in BUENOS AIRES so why not having dinner with style, music, fascination and more and more passion in this Buenos Aires adventure!????

WE CAN SEE A TANGO SHOW, a very original one, with artists that give their soul just to keep this wonderful art alive. The Tango houses include dinner and some drinks, air conditioned ambience and some of the houses offer free transportation and I will be in the port to take you there!

So...LET'S DO IT...we still have time to put your name in the list and people are writing to me a lot, so just move yourself and drop me a line and I will give you all the details, on board you can look for my friends and invite all, we will have enough vans and the tango houses are not so far from the pier. We should really learn more about the great things South America gives to you, my email is

Thank you folks for this opportunity to plant a south american seed in your heart, open it  for new things and let's experience together the best of Buenos Aires.

As we say, THE NIGHT IS A CHILD!!! We do not have the opportunity to go to Argentina every day!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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