Monday, April 17, 2017


If you love outdoor activities, nature, and love to spend part of your time visiting amazing Earth Sanctuaries, then Brazil is a perfect country for you. The Twenty-eight States for you to choose and have the best time of your life! 

This is why, I feel so blessed to be Brazilian, this is also how you can be sure that I am very passionate about this incredible labor to make Rio easy and unique for you!

And you do not need to go far to feel how the Portuguese felt when they came to Rio about 500 years ago, close to your place you can find many small paradises and one of them is BIG, its name says so...ILHA GRANDE.

PARADISE OF WATERS...salt and fresh...lots of water to REFRESH YOUR SOUL

Ilha Grande has 101 beaches, it is always better to spend at least one night, but we can easily spend the whole day there and come back to Rio, but it demands some sacrifice, we have to leave Rio before 7:00 am and travel by car for about 2 hours and then a speed boat that takes 20 minutes to cross, and getting back at 6:30 pm, plus two hours to arrive in Rio

Secluded beaches, amazing forests, spring waters and great food, this will be a perfect day doing something different in your stay in Rio. Ilha Grande is a lovely secret that I am ready to show you. 

The island is waiting for you, such a nature treasure where you can find extremely amazing food such as Marola where you can have the best of the local Brazilian cuisine in front of a paradise, Praia do Pouso; it is a floating restaurant not so far from the main village!

A big happiness that I have is no doubt my work, the smiles I see from my friends when I take them to Ilha Grande, it can be perfectly done in one day, two days, if you have time available during your trip to Rio. Ilha Grande is a wonderful option and you can count on me.

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