Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Cariocas are the name given to the natives of Rio, and Irish, you know what Irish means. 

The world CARIOCA was invented by the indigenous people that the Portuguese navigators found here in the 1500s. The funniest thing is that the type of housing called more attention than the white color of their skin (I am talking about the Portuguese), so they named:


So literally they meant: THE FOLKS OF THE WHITE HOUSE. 

And IRISH, you know what Irish means...a native from the green and happy Ireland.

All this explanation to explain that for me CARIOCA and IRISH have different meanings...they both means OPEN SPIRIT, BIG LAUGHS, AND DEEP FRIENDSHIP

And my Irish friends Sarah and Catherine came...and I had the honor to show the best of Rio in one day. And we focused on NITEROI most of the time.

What a gorgeous place Niteroi is always a great surprise for any traveler to find so many hidden places. Spots that a tourist will never find, you should always have someone from the area to take you to these unique beautiful places. Beaches, hills and islands. 

Never ignore NITEROI in any trip to Rio, that is my suggestion.

So wonderful to share this amazing view of Rio from Niteroi, Parque da Cidade is a must see place and the reactions when my guests see this spectacle of Nature sometimes is more interesting than the place itself.

Thanks Girls for all your trust and friendship.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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