Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I am very grateful to have made so many friends all over the World because of my job, and in this work I have the best boss ever...RAFA TORRES.

I am writing this post because I lost the password of my flag counter, I do not know why but I could not recover, it says I have to give a phone number to get the password back, but I lost this number a long ago, so no way for me to remember the password, so I was forced to create another counter. Almost 260.000 people saw my blog before I deleted this counter...SO I CAN JUST SAY THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

And ask you to keep on visiting the blog every second so I can have my flags back, i loved to see the flags of so many different countries and special thanks to USA that always made sure to be the first in the ranking.

So this is also a chance to introduce you SHARINA, she is a very kind elephant and everytime I go to Lujan, she recognizes me, because I might be the only one who run all around here with a cucumber and she loves it!!! HAHAHAHA 

And the reason why she is there means the SIZE OF MY HAPPINESS of being a tour guide and soon I will have important groups leading by my great guests Wendy, Wayne and John Pain. 

When I got there it was sleeping time, so they were not in the mood for a warm welcome, kisses and  hugs...but I just want you to know that I have the strengh of a lion to make sure you will have a great time in all tours I organize!!!

I am a cat person, you all know that...feeding that lady was one of the most important moment in my life! :)

All those pictures were taken in the great Lujan Zoo, in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, they have a fantastic animal orphanat, they take good care of the animals and some of them are released in national parks in Africa and Asia, the rescue injured animals found in circus in all over Argentina.

Thanks God in Argentina and Brazil animals are not allowed in circus anymore!

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