Friday, January 27, 2017


February is right there waving for us and I am counting the seconds to meet all my new friends. So just before I start I want to register my full huge, heavy, solid and elephant size gratitude for John Pain and Wayne for all the effort on getting together so many wonderful people for our adventure in Argentina and Brazil. Without this two gentlemen nothing I did and still doing for our total fun and relaxation would be possible. So big fireworks and cheers for my two great aussie and american friends!

JUST THINK ABOUT IT...afeter a busy and crazy day visiting Buenos Aires we are going to enjoy some pleasant ours in the fields of the Province!

This is how people in the city love to call the interior of Buenos Aires, but we are not travelling that long, it will be a little more than one hour to experience a gaucho way of life. A contaxct with the nature observing the lagoon, learning a lot of south american culture and realize how lovely is the slow, quiet and simple life of Chascomus.

We will spend some time in a typical and historical gaucho farm in the countryside of Buenos Aires. We will see the gauchos performing dances and skills with the horses, and there will be a wonderful barbecue lunch for us exactly how they did when they travel all the fields to take the cattle from farm to farm.

A different day out of the crazy stile of the big city!!!

So talk to all your friends on boardm we are selecting special travellers to visit a different side of Buenos Aires. It will be a whole morning and we will be back to the port with good time for you to gat back to the ship. We can even use the farm pool for refreshing our spirits, hahahaha :) Well, feel free to drop me a line, we will have special vans and great guides with excelent english.

Allow yourself to know way more about Argentina and I will be honored to share this lovely day with all of you!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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