Thursday, January 5, 2017


This time you will not see the crazy city, you will not hear the cars, you will not see so many people in a hurry...Our second day in Buenos Aires will be away from the big city, we will drive a little bit more than one hour and reach for quiet and peace; a real trip to the past and to the fascinating word of a gaucho life. 

The Gauchos are like the Cowboys in the Far West...descendents of spanish and africans that created their own culture with rich costums...the dealing with the cattle, the way to explore the wilderness and the hability to make the best barbecue on Earth. 

Chascomus is a laid back village in the countryside of Argentina and not so far from Buenos Aires, we will have a van to take us there, it will take a little bit more than one hour but every minute will be valid because we will experience the Gaucho Welcome at LA ALAMEDA farm and the Provincia way of life. Visiting a 200 years farm called Alameda which is now a place where city people go for a great rest in the forests of Chascomus. The city is bathed by a huge lagoon and great people. 

it will be your time to walk in the green paths of the farm, an opportunity to see animals and enjoy nature. A whole day with a great asado, enjoy the pool and simply tasting a different kind of tour.

Wanna join us??? Well...just drop me a line and I will make it possible. 

We are going there on the 1st of march

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