Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Well...a first timer tourist when they come to Rio will always have in mind to visit the iconic Christ, the cable car in the Sugar Loaf, they will be willing for a walk in the waving side walk of Copacabana and will try to find "the girl from Ipanema"...totally normal but a real traveller discover great places that no tourist would ever go, but going to this unknown places will add a lot of joy and amazing images to your only one trip to Rio!

Me as a tour guide who knows where the guests can have an unique experience, me as a experienced traveller who looks for the places' soul, I know that Niteroi is the hidden jewel so close to Rio.

Your trip to Rio can give you pleasant surprises, and Niteroi is one of them, a quiet place full of amazing views in everyside of its coast, it overlooks the city of Rio, exactly like cities like San Francisco and Salsalito, New York and New Jersey, Melbourne and is always a nice idea to see what is in the other side, and the other side is Niteroi. 

Niteroi is a place where the cariocas love to relax. Niteroi is a calmer version of crazy Rio, the gastronomy center of the State and it has beaches that are way more beautiful than Copacabana or Ipanema all together. Be curious to visit the other side, Rafa and Niteroi will be always waiting for you with open arms.

My guests are always happy when they discover that Niteroi is a fantastic place to visit when a person choose Rio to visit. Niteroi will give you great places and amazing experiences. Not going to Niteroi, personally speaking, is a crime. I believe you will love Niteroi. 


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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