Saturday, January 23, 2016


I think we should do our best to help...when you give love, you get love...Always fight for the best to anyone, provoke the positive side of every we can at least try to change...I think all the legs together can walk until China!!! It is fascinating joining work with social work…so I always ask my guests to contribute for the sake of people who does not have the same opportunities that we have. The magic of living is opening your heart to people. Having a smile from a child is something absolutely priceless, saying yes to a GRANDMA who is asking you a toy for her grandson is absolutely touching. I love my work because through this passion I can also improve someone’s life, thank you all for the support, please help me to help people even more!

So when you come to Rio and experience my tours...remember that we can help people who need, the Goverment just close their eyes for the needs of our people in the slums, so I decided to participate, and see the real help coming to this people hands, specially children and elder. Your money for this cause will be fully welcomed and in my blog or facebook I will post some of our actions. 

You come to Rio, you fell in love with Brazil and you do your part to help changing people's life for the better! Your help will buy food and toys...feeding the stomach you guarantee smiles, and I am fully addicted to smiles! :)))))

Write to me and let's find a way that YOU CAN HELP, just send me an email to  and I will tell you the best way to take part of this important challenge.

Helping without saying who, just giving the best of yourself, spreading love all over, making a difference...putting together work, passion and effort to help needing people...This is what I do and this is what youn can do.

Any help is welcome, thank you very much!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner...and of course, your friend in South America

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