Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh - WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW...This is what you will hear all the time when you see it for yourself. Cataratas del Iguazu, this is the spanish name for this explosion of beauty that you will find in the argentinean side of the Falls.

First of all, this is Argentina, one of the countries that I most admire in the whole World and this country makes sure that I am feeling well and relaxed and they always succeed; from Patagonia to Salta, of course passing through Misiones, I am always happy when I step foot in this place!!!

Iguazu Falls is magic and I am always ready to make it special for you; most of the people who come to Brazil or Argentina for the first time, they always think about spending two nights, sometimes just one night, so pay attention to what I say here: DO NOT DO IT!!!

This place will need at least 3 or 4 days...okay, FOUR DAYS!!!

But I also want to describe ONE DAY IN THE FALLS and be brave: You need to wake up at 7:00 am!!!!

First thing we do is taking the first train to the impressive Devil's Gorge, some other says Devil's Throat; you will also hear Garganta del Diablo and in Brazil, you will hear Garganta do is the most distant thing to see in the Falls, you need a train to reach so make sure you will be the first one to board the train and OPEN YOUR MOUNTH WIDELY OPEN when you see a huge water whole that divides Brazil and will sense the strengh of nature invading your heart, your imagination and if you are a good traveller and think about Niagara will say like Eleonor Roosevelt: POOR NIAGARA!!!

We might meet these friends in the train station...for the record this is one of the best photography that I have ever made...really a unique moment, but do not worry they are not that vicious...they are curious and VERY HUNGRY, but please do not feed them. Talking about the train station, we have to be there at 8:30 am! :)))))

After arriving in the train station, watching the hungry quaties, this is what you of the most beautiful scenes in the World, and this is the first place where me and Marcone will show you.  You reach Devil's Gorge by walking in very interesting pedestrian bridges cutting Iguazu River, a fantastic chance to observe the birds, the caymans, the rapids and the jungle!

Ohhhhh my happiness is enormous when I take small groups to see our nature treasures and we always have fun, we take individuals, small groups and a good sized group of 8 people, it is possible, the more people I have easier will be the chances that I can be with you in person! :) Canadian groups look for me very often and I have a special relationship with Canada, I spent 3 months in Montreal and I have a special place for Canada in my heart!

You know when your work is appreciate when you get the best love from my guests, that always become FRIENDS FOR LIFE, you know when you are doing the right thing when you see each smile, when you hear each joke and when you have that I personally call it as GIGGLE TOUR, I feel that my love for my land is soooo big when people keep coming to your tours all the time. I love my work and people are my best prize.

The second step will be facing the rapids and see the falls right in FRONT OF YOUR NOSE!!! You should take an extra bag with clothes that you know you will be soaked wet, and this is the best part of all your days in Iguazu Falls, this part of the tour is called the GREAT ADVENTURE, or LA GRAN AVENTURA...For only 40 USD you can go down to the river after learning a lot about the jungle and see the falls with your arms wide opened. I have done this boat ride so many times and never get tired of it, this is optional but I am telling you dear reader; YOU MUST DO IT!!!

You will have your dry clothes and you will be ready to the last part of the will walk in the lower part of Iguazu Falls and then you will see the superior side of the Falls, more walking to enjoy wild places and breathtaking landscapes, a day full of emotions, a day that you can be sure that you can count on me. Me and my staff are always ready to optimize your day.

It is very important to know that less than one day you cannot see all over the Falls in the Argentinean Park, the park is enormous with so many things to do and see, you can even have lunch in the aprk, there are two restaurants, one is called La Selva which I love; the other one is called Fortin and it is close to the GRAN AVENTURA quiosk which is easier for us to board the truck that goes through the jungle and then BINGO...the highlight of the day!!!

We have Paraguay right beside Puerto Iguazu and also very close to Foz do Iguazu but do not commit the big mistake of changing the argentinean side of the Falls for a day in Paraguay, this is absolutely nonsense. 

If you have one entire day JUST SPEND THE DAY IN THE ARGENTINEAN PARK and you will never regret! No matter how many days you spend in the area, but take the entire day to be in IGUAZU FALLS - ARGENTINEAN SIDE!

You know now that you do have people to give you this dreaming day where NATURE will be the ruler!!! Just let yourself go with the flow!!!

And again, if you tell me way in advance abiut any trip to Iguazu Falls, for sure I will be able to be your guide there and give you the whole structure for the days of your life! I will be pleased to guide you and help you with the photography of your journey, I know the best places, the unique angles and I will be very creative as photography is one of my passions in life. I know I have my staff there, but nothing better than being with you in one of my most spectacular favorite place in the World. I will be honored to meet you and I will be honored to make one of the Planet's Wonder so easy, homely and friendly to you!!! Do not miss this chance, just write to me and I will give you the best way to explore Iguazu Falls and many other places in Brazil or South America. I am proud to be your friend everywhere you want to go.



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