Tuesday, September 15, 2015


If you want to see a different Rio and just enjoy the city like any one who live here, maybe you should consider visiting one of the oldest districts of Rio. Santa Teresa! So quiet, so nice and so unique and a real invitation to simply enjoy life and take amazing photos.

Where in the World you can kiss Monalisa with Pele right by your side??? ONLY IN SANTA TERESA. 

Much more than taking pictures, you can have fun with some amazing and very creative street art. The best gastronomy is there for a simple snack, lunch and dinner, every time of the day is a great opportunity to see Santa Teresa.

Yes...this will be your tour guide when you arrive in Rio...Nice to meet you, my name is Rafael, my guests and close friends usually call me RAFA, so this is how you can call me!:) I will know all the secrets of this little place and you will be in love with Santa Teresa.

We can spend precious time in Santa Teresa, walking in the cobbled stones streets of the neighborhood watching the lazy time goes by, sitting at Cafecito for wonderful homemade bread with homely olive oil; having fun with the street art and learn more about the local's culture in the ruins of Parque das Ruinas.

Not so far from Santa Teresa another icon that you have to see when you come to Rio, the steps of a great artist, Jorge Selaron, we always go there to pay tribute for such a enormous piece of Art, he has made this whole shortcut with colorful tiles for 26 years. We do not have Selaron with us any more, but he left his legacy for us to take care. It is a guaranteed part of my tour, so be sure we will take load of pictures there, recently I had the honor to take Daniel and Mike in their trip to Brazil, thank you guys for being so special. Daniel is a famous photographer in the States and I learnt a lot with him!

And we will have the rest of the day to visit a place that YOU NEVER THINK WHEN YOU COME TO RIO...and let me tell you dear reader, it is a big mistake not going there! Yes, this place is called Niteroi. No matter what time of the day you choose to be in Niteroi, it is always a great surprise. New and unknown angles of Rio and Niteroi itself has lots of amazing places by the Bay and Ocean...Again I have the sweet participation of my guest and friend Daniel who will always carry his experiences in Rio in his mind and heart. 

Mark my words...Once coming to Rio, believe me...let's go to Niteroi! And you will see gorgeous views, you will meet fun people and you will eat good food. Once you are in Niteroi you will find out that there are much more to see and Rio will turn way more fascinating. Niteroi is the second largest city in Rio's Area and it is still there, untouched, gorgeous, charming...only waiting for you to make you feel special. 

I was raised in Niteroi, and Niteroi is the city of my heart. 

This is only one of many options of one day in Rio, I have more ideas and in all of them we have to be flexible, because Rio is changing a lot. The Olympics are driving us and the city crazy, so we have to change ways because streets are closed and traffic is not so friendly here. So we will have to be patient but meanwhile we will have fun the best we can, I am prepared and you come with all your energy.

I am a tour guide for almost 16 years and when I meet you you will be treated like I knew you before! Write to me and let's discuss about your days in Rio, my email is

With tight hugs and a big smile in the face I am waiting for you, 

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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