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This is for sure one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life...In my opinion this paradise belongs to the Planet and each one of us has to preserve, respect and take good care, it is the World's Treasure. Brazil and Argentina are very luck to be located in this wonder of the nature that has been making people crazy about since the time of the Jesuit Missions in the 1500s. And I am so proud and honored to take my guests there! :)

We organize tours in both side of the Falls, we always have special people to show the secrets of Iguazu, our friends Matt, Brian and Laurel had a great time with us, and I am sure they aill always recommend our tours in Iguazu Area and all over Brazil, we met them as guests and we said good bye as friends for life, and this is how all my guests end up being, our friends that we are always grateful to make our work better. If you contact us in advance, Marcone and I can be there and make everything EASY for you, but we always have the best staff in the area organized by Fernando Blanco and Miryam Aguilar that always have the best guide to make this wild region a real home for you, and this place is waiting for the best adventures.

If you use the brazilian airport of Foz do Iguassu, the first thing you do is going to the National Park (we will always help you to get the tickets. The Brasilian side is smaller so it can be done in one morning, and the rest of the days you can explore Foz do Iguassu which is quite interesting. We will take you for a nice walk to the paths boarding the river until we reach the Peixoto Falls where the strengh of the waters will shake your soul. Think about 2 or 3 hours to see everything in the Brazilian Side of the Falls, then just go for lunch in one of the various nice eating options in the city, and my favorite place you can know more about it below:

You will be close to two countries, Argentina and Paraguay, and you will explore Argentina most of the time, so while you are in Brazilian Territory, why not having the best of our Brazilian Food...We have a state called Bahia famous for their sea food and many spices, when you are in Salvador, everywhere you go you can have incredible food. In Foz do Iguassu, I know one place that I consider the EMBASSY OF BAHIA, this place is called Tempero da Bahia, you can see more of this wonderful place with a click here

A great suggestion after or before the lunch would be the famous Bird Park in Foz which stands in front of the entrance of our National Park, it is part of our tours, so if we have the whole day to spend in the Brazilian Side, you will learn more about our beautiful and fascinating bird's fauna; they are not free in the wilderness because they are all animals that our research centers are taking care and protecting, they are not prepared to live in the wild because they suffered a lot of injuries by nasty hunters, so visiting the Bird Park would be a precious help to the folks who work very hard to guarantee the brazilian species of our fauna!

I am sure you must be asking yourself: IS RAFA REALLY IN BRAZIL????

Yes, folks, this is Brazil and you should know that Brazil is so diverse that we welcome so many foreign communities, and one of the important communities that we have are the Asian People, especially japonese and chinese people, but this great discovery is located in Foz do Iguassu and we can visit it. The 3 borders has a lot of asian people doing business, they live in Paraguay, Ciudad del Este; they live in Argentina, Puerto Iguazu; and they live in Brazil...This is a place where you can find peace of mind and have fun taking asian pictures in Brazilian Soil, beautiful gardens and this temple holds the highiest Buda Statue in Latin American and this Budist Temple is simply the largest templo in Latin America. I am really proud about the brazilian way of telling you that YOU ARE WELCOME no matter where you come from.

If I am available to be your tour conductor in the Falls Area, be sure I will practice my photography and help you with the best images ever, I also have a brilliant staff to take good care of you in your wild experiences in Iguazu Falls, remember that to see the Falls properly you can do in two days, but three or four days will give you an absolutely bewildering experience, get yourself organized and give the privilege to Brazil about having your sweet presence.

Count on me always and be sure that once you meet us, you will be meeting a friend, the sensation of having a far relative in this fascinating country called Brazil.

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