Saturday, April 11, 2015


One guest and a good friend of mine, Bernie Chaves, granted me the honor to take him to places where he can move on with his great hobby: PHOTOGRAPHY...So I decided to take him to places where just locals enjoy life, where locals simply follow their own pace...A normal Rio, a Rio full of beauty and simple daily life...In return Charlie wrote a review that I am honored to share with all my readers...


I communicated with Rafa over email several times giving him a sense of what I wanted to photograph on my upcoming trip to Rio. Rafa was very professional and responsive to my emails. On the day of the tour the rain was so bad but Rafa still came out to meet me and we agreed that due to the rain we would postpone the tour for one day.

 The next day, Rafa picked me up bright and early and we set off. Now, i've traveled to Rio many times before, but Rafa showed me parts of Rio I never knew existed! We hit many spots that were photographically pleasant as well as rich in history. Rafa had excellent knowledge of all the places we went and was very safe in driving his car with me all over town. We spent the whole day going from place to place at a very good pace.

 We met some very interesting locals on this trip which was quite nice in getting an inside perspective on the people that inhabit Rio de Janeiro! I'd say the best aspect of the tour was that literally every place we went too, I did not notice one foreigner! Rafa only took me to places that locals go too, which was excellent!!! Many tour guides take clients to very commercialized places that give the guides commissions... Not Rafa! His main interest is that his "guests" get a true representation of his city. 

Rafa was also very personable and he felt more like an old friend then a tour guide which gave a sense of intimacy to the day. I would gladly recommend Rafa to anyone looking to do a photo tour or just regular sight seeing tour of Rio! Rafa was professional, courteous, responsible, and safe in the tour we did. 

There are many other parts of Rio I'd like to explore and look forward to my next adventure with Rafa!

Photography is also a big passion, I like to register what my eyes see...I like to keep images form places that I love, things that catch my attention, I love playing with different colors and scenarios, I am not good at all at paiting and I love great painters, so I paint my things with the click of a camera...And I love having tours with AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHERS...professional and amateurs; but always with people that come to teach me! And I am so grateful to all of them!!!

This is my friend and wonderful photographer Bernie...he lives in Asia and hiw work helps people from all over the World. God knows how much my life is filled with happiness to have this person as a friend! :) We spent the whole day sharing ideas and selecting good places for our photos collection, and believe, Rio is a playground for photographers!

So if you wish to come to Brazil and not take normal pictures, if you want great memories for life with someone who will be crazy to welcome you; if you are coming to Rio and take more photos of our natural beauties and everyday routine, just come to our tours. A tour that will be a great family meeting, a tour where you will have the best of each place you choose. I am prepared, my Team is prepared. I am waiting for you. This work is a big passion and a life celebration.

Yours faithfully,

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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