Thursday, December 4, 2014


Since August I do not update one of my big passions in life, my blog, the space where you know what I am doing, my blog that always inform you what I am thinking and what's new for you to explore Brazil even better. I am based in Rio de Janeiro and finally my high season started. And this is how I spend most of my nights, I go deep into the dawn answering emails, plannings trips for all my guests, replying emails that I get every single day. I am not complaining, I am just trying to explain for many people who write to me that I might take more than one day, sometimes 3 days or even a week without answering. 

But it does not mean that you will be without any response, according to the dates that you will arrive in Rio you may have your answer as soon as possible!!!

Every email message means the World to me!!!

Thanks to all this working, spending hours and hours writing my emails, I can show you unique places like ITACOATIARA when you think that the most beautiful beaches you will see will be Copacabana or Ipanema...

Are you kidding me???? Rio has some hidden treasures and Rafa knows the secrets, all you have to do, just contact me! hahahaha :) Or send all your friends to write to me and then I will be back to the first picture of this blog, hahaha :) Well, Itacoatiara is one of the wonders of Rio area, the beach belongs to the city where I was raised...Niteroi.

And thanks to my intense writing work I get incredible guests that end up being marvelous friends for life. Families and Families that including me as a member. So grateful to have brilliant people in my life like my URUGUAYAN sister Ceci and my URUGUAYAN Mamá Mirta. Ceci and Mirta had the privilege to be part of my private life in a very special way. People that I love from a country that I adore. Uruguay is the country that I mostly visited in my whole life. Uruguay has an important role in my existance.


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