Saturday, December 6, 2014


High Season just started and life gave me more wonderful people, to my surprise one person from Uruguay (where I spent some best moments in my life since my youth) wrote to me requesting a two days tour, she would come with her I knew it would be a family meeting and it was more than that....

I found out Cecilia Mendez one of the dearest people in my existence and her Mother Mirta Leoner, one of the cuttiest human figure in this Universe...I saw my whole uruguayan life in their hearts and usual uruguayan energy for life. Yes, I love Rio and I am a proud brazilian BUT URUGUAY HAS SOMETHING!!! Well, I was prepared to give them two complete days to see with RICH DETAILS all over Rio, but they conquered my heart and we had soooo much fun!!! 

Cecilia is also in the travel business in Montevideo, so we had countless topics to talk about and more than that, we had childhood stories in common in many places in Uruguay, and the same with Mirta. They live in Malvin, a very nice beach neighborhood in the uruguayan capital, exactly where I had my closest family there...lots of laughs were guaranteed and Cecilia instantly became a very influential friends, she is like a very close cousin, you know those relatives who you cannot survive with??? This is how Cecilia is for me!!!

Mirta and I have the drama in our souls, and exploring Rio like authentic travellers and Latin America's Lovers like we are, we know how to do it soooo well. I could play around with Mirta, a wonderful friend who gave me a lot of knowledge about life in general. A incredible MAMA with generous heart and free soul...A survivor that can make you see that life is priceless. I am so blessed with my work, it provides me simply the best folks in this planet. Thank you Mirta for making my work so awesome!

YES, DEAR READER....this man in the picture is your TOUR GUIDE, hahahahahahaha :)))))

A tour full of monkeys,,,this is what Ceci and Mirta got...but attention, I cannot promise that in every single tour I is the monkey's decision, not mine!!! :)

But genuine happiness, friendship and much more important, we developed mutual love for life, muchas gracias Ceci y Mirta, ustedes ahora tienen casa, comida y ropa lavada en toda mi vida!!! :)

We went to many places where the nature reigns...Tijuca Forest, Claudio Coutinho trail around the Sugar Loaf. A Rio like everyone dreams, a real moment where we find monkeys, hahahaha

Like every wonderful tour when the energy is stronger than the force of Iguazu Falls, my guests become part of our life, so me and Marcone embrace this people as they are family, and Cecilia and Mirta are family indeed, wonderful people, noble souls, free spirits!

Muchas Gracias, 

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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