Thursday, December 18, 2014


Most of the travellers I know are also avid photographers...some professional, some amateurs, but photo lovers and so do I...every tour...every trip I make, I have been to some countries in this World and I have been far to many states of Brasil and I always capture something that my eyes look...and the cameras are the best way to express the art that I comes from my heart, brain or...well it is hard to explain. But if you have good eyes, you will know what I mean. This photograph I made close to a church on the top of the hill in Saquarema. 

I know when you come to my blog you are looking for a guide, but if you love photography, hallo!!! I think I am your best option and we can have lots of fun here!

In the very end of Brazil where your company is just the wind and the flow of eyes capture the solitude...and resistance as a sign of the middle of the sand desert finding a brave tree is all I could think...this picture were taken years ago when I was wondering in one of the most spectacular wild places in Brazil called Lençois Maranhenses in the outskirts of Santo Amaro region, this is indeed one of my best works.

Touring in Rio allows me to take some amazing photos and nature is one my favorite themes...this group of seagulls were enjoying the rain in the pier of Niteroi's Ship yard...I just want to share their personal meeting...I am not a professional but at least I try to impose my style.

Cats are my big passion so it is perfect with my taste for photography, I am just putting my two passions together and sometimes I get wonderful results. I was in a bar here in Rio when suddenly this fellow came...and he got a click!!! :)

The brazilian diversity is fascinating, in my travels to Maranhao, I met incredible people...not only landscapes, nature makes a trip, but the stories people tell you, the character of every village you stop. This photo was taken in the far ends of Alcantara. Love my job.

In the title, I said...I am the guide who will take you to the secrets of Rio, Brazil and other countries of South America; I am the one who will take you to so many authentic places; I also said, I am a photographer; lucky it is one of my hobbies so I will show you the best angles for your best pictures, and I will be your not expect to meet a formal person, I will be the one who will wait for you with a big smile in the face and open arms to give you the best of your trip to Brazil. Coming to Rio and when you choose myself to be your guide, you are actually getting to know a person with 3 profiles: THE GUIDE, THE PHOTOGRAPHER AND THE FRIEND.

Happy Travels, 

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Tour Leader

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