Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Marcone is my best associate tour guide for more than 6 years, he is a certified tour guide that promotes the joy and delicious informal side of Rio. When Rafa recommends Marcone he knows that he acts exactly like I do when I welcome my guests coming from all over the World. Marcone has the open arms of our Carioca People.

When I recommend Marcone means that I am busy when you resquest a tour. He is one of my best tour guides that I have available. But just for you to know more about Marcone, well, I am with him every single day because we live together...I see him as a wonderful person, I see him as a very efficient cardio nurse working in a reference public hospital in Rio and I see him meeting my people and give them the best that our land can offer. And when we have some free time we travel together or simply have fun in Rio, other states of Brazil and some countries in South America.

In Rio, Marcone will always be there...the carioca way of life is best represented by him. Proud and honored to be brazilian he will be the one who will introduce you to our World. Davina and her brother Kyle spend just one day with him and became his friend FOR LIFE! In Niteroi,  my homeland, he is the one who show you each ground exactly how I would do...In every place of Brazil you will have a friend, not only a tour guide.

When I recommend Marcone I know that you will be in good hands...I am sure he will make your stay in Rio absolutely wonderful. You will have a friend for life, you will know a lot about Rio! Marcone is the person I mostly trust, Marcone is a king among all friends, and a wonderful relief for all his patients and a remarkable tour guide!

A Tour Guide, an English Teacher, a Cardio Nurse, a wondeful friend...Marcone will be the highlight of your trip to Brazil.

We celebrate life together...Eight years that I know Marcone so with not a shadow of doubt he is the number one to replace me in any tour in Rio or Brazil, we work together to make Rio and Brazil easy, simple, informal and fascinating for you.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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