Monday, December 15, 2014


I am not a photographer but I love photography, so I try to express the beauty that my eyes often see and traveling around the State of Rio I always have amazing inspirations and it is a pleasure for me to share with you. This weekend I went to Saquarema, a sea side town where lots of Cariocas usually spend the weekend, specially if you are into SURFING, then Saquarema is a popular place; and going there once in a while is fantastic. As I have relatives there, sometimes we have the opportunity to visit the village! 

The Vilamar beach offers a great view to the main church of Saint Nazaré

If you have five days or even one week...why not spending one night in one of the interesting spots of Rio's surroudings??? Saquarema can make your experience in Rio way more complete!

Saquarema has lots of lagoons, some of them nearly reach the lands of Niteroi which is not so far from Rio city, the nature is generous and lots of beach options like Itauna, Vilamar and Praia Seca close to another popular spot called Araruama. A local experience with some delicious beaches is something to do when you have a free weekend in Rio. 

Life is sweet when we know how to enjoy it, Marcone and I always look for places and go to places where we are sure that you also can have a cool experience when you travel to Brazil. But also I love sharing my own private travelling experiences. In Saquarema you can be in touch with nature and have a great time.

And it is not so far from is a little bit more than one hour drive...the rural area of Rio is very interesting to see, so the trip to Saquarema is never bored and we also have the great surprises to stop in amazing restaurants in the road. 

As for accomodation, I have no doubt that Pousada Catavento is one of the best places to stay in Saquarema and you look for peace and quiet, as I always say, it is like feeling in the back yards of your house, prices very friendly, the owners are great people and we loved our stay there...Look for Pousada Catavento in the web and you will not regret!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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