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I am sure when you decide to go to Brazil you think about nature, thoughts of moments of quietness in the jungle will be invading your mind, same ideas go with you when you think about Rio, well, some people think that it is possible to find a lot of monkeys even in the streets of Copacabana...well, in a way it is possible because the city is full of trees and close to many mountains covered with green; but you can go not soooo far from the city to meet  a scenario that you picture in your travel plans...and we will spend the whole day exploring the wonders of our Nature and meet simple people, part of a day life which goes in a very slow pace and it will give you many absolutely fresh air and lots of adventures...

I am nature lover, you know that, so I always try to give you some sense of nature and take you to places that regular tourists never go...I always say that when I have my guests, I do not see them as tourists...they are travellers for me. We can spend the whole day enjoying waterfalls, watching the nature, hearing the sounds of the jungle, taking amazing pictures and simply to relax in a summer day with fresh temperature. This is possible when we go a little bit more than one hour from Rio going up the Mountain Range Serra dos Orgãos, that two mountain towns belong, one is Guapirimim and the other is the famous Teresopolis, quite a big city on the roofs of Rio. 

I personally go there all the time, for leisure with Marcone and we love exploring new places and we have friends in the area in this case we attended a wedding of our friend Monique and Marcio. They live in we also love to find a bed&breakfast place closer to the park, we always stay at POUSADA DO IMPERADOR owned by a very nice man, Paulo who give us a sensation that we are hosted in a small farm full of trees, farm animals, pool and wonderful breakfast. that means that we can also spend the night if you have more time in Rio and that allows us to see way more nature and find places in the park that very few people can reach. JUST ONE DAY.....

This place is called PARAISO, it means "PARADISE". This name makes a lot of sence...the place is full of beauties, simple people and some very local restaurants that give us a fantastic flavor of simple and unique BRAZILIAN FOOD!!!

The table all surrounded by thick vegetation and the glorious nature all around, and very important...Good Food...from the main road that goes up to Teresopolis, there is a little cobbled stone entrance where you will read the sign: PARAISO and then a small sign writen RESTAURANTE DO ROGERIO.

Indeed the owner is Rogerio, it is a family owned business in the jungle that offers incredible food for adventurous visitors like Marcone and I....they have the same food that we find in sophisticated restaurants of Copacabana or Leblon, but the food at BAR DO ROGERIO has a taste of love, has a taste of the food our grandma use to prepare during our traditional SUNDAY LUNCH...Lots of beef that follows the big traditional of Churrasco. beans that blessed our famous Feijoada, vegetables coming straight from their plantations. From the simple rice and beans which for us brazilians it is a matter of survival from the amazing Bobó de Camarão, a yoiuca cream with coconut milk and generous and delicious pieces of Shrimp...The smell of a home food, the smile of their simple people will make your visit simply UNFORGETABLE!!!

NOTES FROM RAFA: Now that you know that it is possible to visit those unique places, now that you know that the guide you are looking for is simply crazy about nature and love to search for fantastic photographs, you can contact me directly to my emails

Now that you know that I am always in the mood to explore the real stuff with you and even help you to find amazing accomation in the Nature, please feel free to contact me directly.

If you have at least one day free when you come to Rio, let's spend the whole day travelling like the first settlers and botanists...the contact with the nature here is intense, and I am more than ready to give you the best time of your life in Rio

It is possible to have an overnight stay so we get two days to visit everything, bring your swimming clothes, get your best cameras and let's discover the hidden spots of Rio area.

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