Friday, December 12, 2014


When you come to Rio and meet prepared that I am not the kind who follows all the protocols, you will find a certified your guide but you will probably get a friend in Rio for life, Jana and I had a tour full of heavy laughs! A big joy and honor to take Jana to some of the secrets I know in the city!!! Jana was my guest and we finished our days like very good friends and I am sure we will continue our adventures between Rio and New York. She is a person with New York in the spirit and I am a person with Rio in the spirit...So we did a lot as we know our common tastes very well and we realized that one day is not enough!!! We need our whole lives to explore BRAZIL, USA AND UKRAINE. 

Thank you Jana for being such a special person and a wonderful friend. Here in Brazil you will always have friends. Marcone and I will be always here to add many brazilian places in your travelling endeavors.

In Rio you will see the best places in the city but get prepare for amazing improvisations, good photography, informal environment, you will see the non touristy side of Brazil; not meeting a tour guide but a friend who will be super happy to show you around. I have many places planned for your time in Rio, just tell me how many days you are spending here and we can have one day, two days, three days and I will make your trip to Rio one of the best trips of your life!!!!

Again, my everlasting thanks to Jana that came here as a guest and end up being a fantastic friend for life!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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