Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I know dear Reader, you came to my blog looking for various tour information and you are not wrong, you will find all my thoughts and ideas about places in Brazil, what to do in Rio and all my steps as a tour guide in Rio de Janeiro. But...this is my personal space to express and share facts of life and also a good way for you to get to know even better, so you will be very familiar with me and our tour will be a great success.

All the people who know me, they figure out that I am a CAT PERSON, and we have a cat, her name is Kikinha. Most of my guests become very close friends, and we are always in touch. Linda and Pat came to Rio for the first time more than one year ago when we lived in Copacabana. She was introduced to Kikinha and she took a picture of her.

Time passed, we moved to another neighborhood, we came to Tijuca, no so far from the beach and way better quality of life, and suddenly FEDEX came into our front door with a package. And Linda, our very dear friend from MASSACHUSSETS, who is a very talented painter gave to us one of the most important gifts of our lives...a painting with Kikinha's portrait.

I love paintings and I am a great fan of many painters I know, and I am so honored to have Linda Lee as an important part of my life, and also she is part of Marcone's life.

Marcone and I took this picture exactly in the day we got the package with this marterpiece. Linda knew how to catch Kikinha's attitude with perfection. I have to confess that when I opened the box, I instantly got in tears...a real confirmation that my work brings me so many incredible moments when we welcome spectacular people!

And guess what???? LINDA CAME AGAIN!!!! And I know that she will always be present in our home, in our lives and in our hearts...She is a Rio's frequent visitor and every trip we go do different places in this vast country called Brazil. I always wanted to have a picture with Linda and her painting...Criation and Criator all together in a photo with me and Marcone in our own home. Three feelings, pleasure, honor and prestige to have such a wonderful friend, together with ANOTHER wonderful friend Pat.

They came here in Tijuca before the second part of our our way to Guapimirim and Teresopolis. August 2014 was marked as a very important month of the year.

Thank you Linda, for your everlasting joy, your sweet presence and solid friendship.

Last but not sweet and caring friend Pat, Linda's business and travel partner and faithful friend, also came for the second time. And we had a blast...And dear reader, this pictures is for you to see that we always choose amazing places. We had our picnic with all the privacy in the world...endless nature, Linda, Pat and myself!!! What else can we ask for????

Having Pat in our home, sharing the adventurous days with her company and sharing all the best wine and beer and also for Dinner is a BLESS. I get a lot of life inspiration just for the fact that she is near!!! For the second time we had the great honor to see her again, and more will come in this blog because we have many things to tell...the our adventures in Paraty and Guapimirim!

I love you both and deeply thanks for everything you have done to us!


Rafa Torres
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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