Monday, August 18, 2014


Impossible to translate in words endless beauties, very hard to express all the love I have for this land. Maranhão for me means ADVENTURE. Yes, Brazil has to remain forever in your mind and I am here to make it right! I know that Brazil has several places to make you fall in love with this land! I try hard to give you all this passion when you visit my Land.

Maranhão is not in the famous lists of PLACES TO GO in South America. But I want to be the only one to recommend you to spend days exploring this new destination in Brazil. 

This destination is called LENÇOIS MARANHENSES. Starting with some days in a remote village called SANTO AMARO. This little tiny spot in Maranhão will give you one of the most fascinating places in the World.

When I think about Maranhão my heart smiles. Maranhão keeps the big surprise that Brazil can offer, and it is time for the World to figure out. Long deserts full of sparking blue lakes, a place that preserves the real amazon identity. Everything is there for you to realize that our planet is deeply marvelous! Maranhão is the place for intrepid travellers, it is a destination for nature lovers. The Amazon and the tropical beaches of our virgin north east coast meet there!

Maranhão is a mix of two region...NORTE (North) and NORDESTE (north-east) so it is very rich in diversity, culture and geography. One part is the Amazon where I love exploring the flooded forests of Alcântara and Cururupu, another part glorious ocean beaches like Raposa with a fantastic chain of mangroves, Caburé that is bathed by a incredible river called Preguiças and the Atlantic Ocean, so many beauty to die for!

One of the paradises of Maranhão is called LENÇOIS MARANHENSES...After Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls...this region is the most beautiful spots in Brazil in my opinion and Canada and USA has not discovered this land yet!

I always go there for visiting some relatives, friends and also searching for new tour destinations, as you know I work in all over Brazil and I give special attention to Maranhão as it is a very unknown place also for brazilians. 

I am very passionate for Brazil, I am so lucky to be part of this wonderful country and so happy to be able to share so many places and knowledge with my visitors, thanks to this I have wonderful friends from all over the World!!

This trip to the wild north east coast can be extended via 4x4 cars where you will get to know amazing cultures, incredible gastronomy and of course lots of diverse attractions of this magnificent country called Brazil. I have lots of local partners in the EMOTIONS TRAIL that can make your life easier when travelling in places in Brazil where guides like be are necessary, the language barrier will not be a problem when myself or any of my trusted guides will be there waiting for you!!!

This adventure can take between 3 and 8 days exploring the inmost part of the brazilian coast. This tour will remind you a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC experience. You can start this dreamt journey in the historic city of São Luis, capital of Maranhão State and end in the colorful and happy city of Fortaleza.

Count on me and my tourism partners in this new travel possibility. I am always ready to keep Brazil part of your travel plans!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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