Monday, March 17, 2014


The Christ...I know, when you come to Rio this is the first place you want to see, and for sure...I will take you there and we will have lots of fun and a great chance to see almost all over the city from the top! The Statue is there since was a great work of donation, almost every person in Rio helped in the construction of this statue, we were looking for a unique place to put the Christ where it could be seen in every place in Rio, and important, a Christ with wide open arms to tell each visitor that she or he is very welcome. Christ hugs you...and this is the spirit of Rio...the french liked such a common work that decided to give us the hands and the head of the Christ scupltured by the french artist Paul Landowski.

If you ask me how many times I go to the Christ...oh Geee...I do not know, but I never take for granted...everytime I am there with different people, everytime different clouds, different inspirations and different stories.

One of these great stories about the Christ has to do with the friends I make during all my career, when I met the canadians Dan and Tom...A trio with Father and Son rewriting the steps Tom did when he was young. Years ago Tom lived in Rio and this trip he came to see everything that he lived in the past...So that was a meeting with his personal story of life which I am honored to take part of that revival. Long life to my friend Tom and long life to my friend Dan...maybe one of the best names from the canadian city of Huntsville. 

Rio is total fun and here you are not really with a are with a long distant friend that is always happy to be with you. Exploringn the unknown secrets of Rio's surroundings, and we come across with a city called Niteroi that will add lots of adventures, knowledge and new places. Niteroi will make your trip unique. It was marvelous to be there with my SEATTLE GANG..Sharon, Maddie, Dylan and Jack. Friendship that remains forever, this is the real joy of my tours!!! :) thank you Folks for wonderful moments together!!!

Niteroi has the amazing views of Parque da Cidade where sometimes I have the weird 
habit to jump from a cliff every now and then, hehehehe :)))))

And Rio is also NIGHT LIFE...specially during the Samba Season..When you go to Argentina you experience tango. And Rio means Samba...count on me to discover the night spots where we can shake our bodies forever. Kelly and Debbie from Florida had a ball in Portela Samba School and we had a fantastic time in Rio. They hold my Florida's heart. So happy and honored to have met you and for sure we will do many trips together!!! :)

Well...thanks to Niteroi we can never say that our tours are boring...full of adventures and some adrenaline can be be ready!!! :)

Action, good vibes, lots of energy, beauties, crazy people, nice and happy people, fun, laughs...all this can be expected when you choose RAFA to see Rio in a very different protocols...just being yourself in a country that I want to be your home out of home!!!

Couples, small groups, big groups...I don't care...I just want my people to have fun here and surely you can count on me!!! :)


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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