Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I AM IN CHARGE OF HOW I FEEL AND TODAY I CHOOSE HAPPINESS...this what you learn when you come across with wonderful people in your life. And since I met Dana, my very good friend in Tennessee, life kept being smooth and easy, because she is a soft person, full of energy and goodness. A real close friend, someone that comes to your heart and settle!!! :)))))

As usual I decided to make her trip special and I think she found a completely New World...She is one more person that could brazilianized.

We had so much fun at Joa Beach in the west side of Rio, a complete day exploring the coast and stopping in very unique beaches like Recreio and Prainha!!!

I knew that we would have lots of fun and we did!!! :)

By the way....CAMARÃO QUE DORME A ONDE LEVA, it is a appropiate title because that means a "sleeping shrimp will be carried by the waves"...meaning that if you do not will be left behind..meaning that you should take your life in the best way possible. We heard that phrase from a very traditional samba song.

And of course, a cool stop in the old and bohemian neighborhood Santa tereza to see the portuguese colonial architecture and the incredible street art that can be really part of your trip!!! :) We stopped like old friends for a coffee at Cafecito...

Dana...I know  while I am writing, you are here in Rio and right now in our be sure that right now I am moved  and honored to have you here. A person with open heart and crystal soul...thank you for teaching so many things that I still do not know yet, but I am sure it is recorded in my life. You are much more than welcome here, you are part of Brazil.

This picture were taken in Itacoatiara Beach, the most beautiful beach in Brazil as you can see it below:

Well...Dana, Brazil and Rio plus all the people that I love make my life wonderful and I thank you deeply for all that you give to me!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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