Sunday, March 16, 2014


A quick note just to apologize so much time without updating my dear blog and say to my intrepid and avid readers that yes, I am alive and well...These past months were pure work and adjusting so many new things and challenges in my life. 

But I am the guide you are hoping to meet when you come to Rio...funny and surprising moments and places are waiting for you when you have RAFA as your tour guide in Rio de Janeiro.

Also thanking you for all your patience, sometimes I am not so quick in my replies, so many people write to me at the same time and during the day I am touring around giving people all the joy that you will have when you come here!!!

You will contact me...and be sure that I will not be a robot guide with all the info, history and formal manners...I will be your friend...I will be your photographer of many unusual pictures...we will laugh, we will have fun. Now 14 years working to provide best memories when you choose South America to explore. Think about are coming into RAFA'S WORLD, the capital of this "universe" is Rio, but you know I can take you everywhere...Any unique destination in Brazil and of course, any very cool place in South America.

So now you know....if you need someone local, if you need a real Rio's expert and Brazil's expert, I am here for you!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Advisor

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