Wednesday, December 11, 2013


When you write for me request for a tour, not always I will be available to lead your family, friends or groups to see Rio, but I have wonderful friends that I work together and we make Rio de Janeiro a very homely and easy place for you. We know the secrets, we have a big love to show you our lands!

One Guide of my wonderful team is Sonia Chagas, a person that I trust enormously to be with you. She does a lovely work taking you to all places that I am in person take you.

Sonia is extremely kind with my guests and like me, she will be not only a guide in Rio de Janeiro, she will be your reference in Brazil and once you see Rio with her, you will became our friends for life and we will always give you reasons to come back to visit us and see more places. Carissa came with her husband James and we spend a wonderful day together.

IF I recommend you Sonia means that she is the perfect person to replace me, if I say that Sonia will take care of your day in Rio, that means that your trip to Rio will be something impossible to forget. She was mentioned on trip advisor many times and one of my favorite comments was writen by our friends from San Francisco, California:

My boyfriend and I went on a private day-tour with Rafa and his trusty friend Sonia Chagas during our week-long trip to Rio in early April. We chose Rafa to guide us around Rio because of TripAdvisor reviews, actually. What can we say but that we were very happy with our choice! After Rafa and Sonia picked us up, we started with a few stops along the way from our lodgings in Copacabana to Santa Teresa to take in a cool view of Sugar Loaf. He took care to keep us on a schedule that was a mix of classic Rio that we wanted to see and locals' Rio that we would have never thought to see on our own. It was perfect, from the obligatory yet breathtaking views from atop Corcovado, to the attention to the Rio street art between neighborhoods, to unmatched views of the city from Niteroi, to the scrumptious late lunch at a Brazilian buffet that Rafa's been frequenting with his own friends and family for decades. Rafa knows Rio like the palm of his hand and we could really feel his passion for his home city. The icing on the cake is how absolutely friendly and warm both Rafa and Sonia were with us, chatting like we had been friends for years already, when it had only been minutes. Sharing their own Rio with us, explaining the big things, and letting us in on the little things, that make this marvelous city tick. We had such a nice time that we took up Sonia's offer to visit her home town of Teresopolis with her a couple days later. What a gorgeous jungle-mountain town in Rio de Janeiro state! If you have time while in Rio, don't miss this area, it really is very pretty and there are a couple nice parks nearby that Sonia can take you to to enjoy the quieter, more nature side of Rio. And she's such a lovely and gracious host as well!

So, just to make things short...once with Sonia you will be in good hands, you will see a lot about Rio and you will funny brazilian insights about North Dakota!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha

BTW...she lived there for some years!!! :)


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