Thursday, December 12, 2013


I know when you come to Rio looking for a guide, most of the time you expect a person who will be super formal, a little bit shy and the guide will talk to you immediatelly about what you will do during the whole day. Some guides will take you only to touristy places forgetting that you are also a very nice human being who love to meet people. In the very start of our emails I will always will have a guide, but you will also meet a friend, and friendship in my business means a lot...So coming to Rio with Rafa, means that suddenly you will have a tea in a very local place with the best vibe in the World. This Eye to Eye conversation will make you feel so confortable that you will notice that time will fly like a rocket but all the memories will be forever in your heart!

Dilip was one of my guests that became a good friend and now I am sure that in Chicago I might have a tea with a good friend, but this good friend will have to choose the place where we will have a tea!

You will realize that being in Rio with a friend (and this friend is also a Tour Guide) will be much more fun and you will get in touch with the local daily lives and discover how wonderful Rio can be. And my job as a tour guide is way more interesting when I make friends!

The result of a good tour is what you are seeing money pays the joy and the genuine laughs of my guests when they accept to go deep in our culture and visiting Rio beyond classical places!

This is how I realize that my job here is pure passion! :)

Do not will see Christ...maybe visit the Sugar will also do normal stuff but I do love the unusual...I do love to make all my guests at home...They come from USA, SCOTLAND, OR SINGAPORE...NO PROBLEM...they will always have a space in my heart!!!

And I thank everybody for making my work so special and unique!

It does not really matter how old you are...I am here...and I want to make Brazil your home and Rio your best weekend beach house, hehehehehe :)

Welcome and be sure that in Rio when you need a guide, you will get a guide, but a friend too....


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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