Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Brazil is a fascinating destination for all kind of travellers...the simple ones and the intrepid ones...Some times I welcome guests crazy for adventures and willing to have real cultural, authentic and adventurous travels...And for the second time we plan a much more complete journey in Brazil. 

I had the honor and the privilege to welcome for the SECOND TIME, my wonderful and absolutely beloved friends Cinzia and Luca who gave me the PRESENT to assist in their northern adventure covering three states; my always favorite State out of Rio, Maranhão with full of incredible landscapes to be discovered, tghe absolutely unknown State of Piauí with the wilderness of one of the largest delta in the World, the fascinating Parnaiba Delta and finally reaching out the paradisiacal beaches and lagoons of Ceará State with some deserved rest in Jericoacoara, one of the most fascinating beach places in the coast of Brazil.

I am so fortunate with my work that I always have friends for life, and this sweet human being is more than a friend, she is one of my most important references in Europe, a successful business woman in Milano and she trusted me her second trip to Brazil last August. We have been friends for years and we feel like family. I had the pleasure to carefully plan our days together through 5 States and we are always ready for the new adventure! 

And Luca...Well, Luca is simply LUCA...hard to explain how important this "figure" is to me...all I can say is that this friend is a HAPPINESS PROVIDER...He makes Cinzia happy, they are together in life for years and they have made incredible things together, no doubt they belong to each other; he made me happy to find out such a huge good person he is....he is a walking enciclopedia and just like me he LOOOOOOOVES planning with a little difference that he loves perfection and in the World of Brazil perfection is not something so accurate...his endless sense of humour is contagious and he made me piss my pants of so much laughing and he taught me something...NEVER EAT PASTA IN FRONT OF HIM...My improvisation with the ITALIAN MASTERPIECE nearly made him having a heart attack!!! 

The Journey had two parts - THE FIRST PART OF OUR ADVENTURE STARTED IN SÃO LUIS, the fascinating capital of Maranhão State and we had a grand finally in the hidden and faraway paradise of Jericoacoara, and nothing better than a quick snack at NA CASA DELA, one of the eating treasures of Jeri which just proved me that Ceará has icnredible beaches and it is a place to eat well, for the record, most of the best brazilian chefs in Brazil are from Ceará. Good company, I was in this trip with MY ITALIAN FAMILY which I enormously love; good many adventures to recall, so many stories, so many endless conversation, so many laughs. This is the secret of a fantastic trip in Brazil. AND THE SECOND PART STARTED IN RIO, PASSING THROUGH ILHA GRANDE, PARATY AND UBATUBA.

GRAZIE MILLE, my wonderful cousins for everything that you gave to me, thank you for all the support, trust and friendship; thank you for making my career even better and complete. Here in Brazil you both will always have a family. I love you and we love you soooooooooooo grandemente DEEP!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes - The Brazilian Fratello
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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