Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Okay I am alive...I am just working hard and simply no time to update our wonderful blog. It is not MY BLOG ANY MORE, it is OUR BLOG. 

I apologize for all the delay...but you know, I have been playing "the MARIA" character lately and I had some long and extended tours...But rightn now, be ready to learn more about Brazil and the things we can do together when you choose to have YOUR BRAZILIAN ADVENTURES, FROM NORTH TO SOUTH, FROM THE WEST TO THE EAST. I am here always happy to make your life easier in Rio or everywhere you want to go to South America.

And LADIES AND GENTLEMEN this is my new home and I want to be clear...THAT I STILL LIVE IN RIO AND I AM NORMALLY DOING MY TOURS HERE, the fact that I moved does not mean that I left my job and my city.

There were years and years in Copacabana, now I am starting a new life in Tijuca, much closer to the Woods, much closer to the nature and to a new calm life! In the place where we are living we have cobbled stones streets, houses with gardens (and I am doing my own) and I still hear birds in my street and in my yard. and in the weekends some squarel monkeys visit me.

Now that you know that I am in Rio and nothing changed. Be sure that I am ready for the high usual I am ready to be your friend in Rio, I am a registered tour guide, officially working as a tour guide not only in Rio but all over Brazil and the rest of South America. I am okay to welcome small groups and big groups, but I want you to know that you will find a friend here!

Also, I am working always with my best friends, so if you write to me and if I tell you that I am busy with other tours, I will happily recommend you my folks!!!

We are a team completely in the mood to give you a great time!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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