Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Now it is official, last Sunday, September 22nd 2013 ( is not 2014, hahahah)...I am always living in is normal for RAFA...Anyway...all I can say and I am very happy to tell you...We moved...lots of days and days of hard working, going from Copacabana to Tijuca back and forth, working 24/7...Packing, working hard, lots of money saving and lots of sacrifice, but we moved!!! :)

Tijuca will be our new home from now on...

With the amazing help of SEU JORGE TOYOTA and his assistant Bira we moved the last was a long day...organizing all the logistic in the morning and touring with our friends Andrea and her children Doug and Bryce to color our was intense but a day to always remember....Marcone and I started our day before 6:00 am but we made it!!!

Now the big work will be unpacking, getting in touch with a lot of services and dealing with new paperwork...

I am happy that Tijuca will be part of our lives...maybe in the future I will write about Tijuca, it is a very pleasant neighborhood in the North of Rio.

I think it is very fair to register my thankfulness to the folks who work in the building were we lived for 4 years in one of the main streets of Copacabana; Barata Ribeiro Street, famous location right beside the traditional bar Cervantes. Fabio is our doorman who always helped us, delivering messages and mails, always giving us the best of assistance. He is a professional but I am sure I have one more friend for life!!

Thank you very much Fabio!

Eight years of my life I spent in Copacabana and my whole life in Rio de Janeiro...Being a carioca and live in Copa is a real gift . All this time with great moments so I will always carry this place with me no matter where I go. I am not leaving Copa with sadness...I am quite near, just a little far from this endless and gorgeous ocean...Cannot walk anymore to the beach, but if I take my car and no traffic...I just need extra 20 minutes. 

Copacabana wrote too many chapters in my "book of life"...Thank you Copacabana.

I know when you choose Rio to travel, Copacabana is always an option for your stay...And you should do it; the spirit of Rio is here. So democratic, so diverse, so charming and so elegant. I had several moments of happiness here and I am always there!!!

Copacabana in a way did a lot for everything that I am today.

To all friends and guests (and our guests become FRIENDS OF LIFE), we are fine, super busy with this new period of life but absolutely happy to take care of this great place; now we have more space for drinks and some snacks, some decent place for a wonderful visit and always waiting for you. We are your Guides in Rio and your friends in Brazil. We may take a littler bit longer to reply your messages...We are working out and unpacking at the same time, so time is a little limited, we wish our day could have 36 hours because 24 hours is not enough!

We are always grateful for all assistance and friendship!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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