Saturday, September 21, 2013


Copacacabana and I....almost 8 years with common place in Rio that I learnt to love and I did it very well....people say that every story has an end; very true and tomorrow I am writing the last chapter of such a awesome period of my life. But greedy of course also reached the most famous district of Rio de Janeiro, cost of life is high and home rentals are completely nonsense so it is time to move.

That was hard work, Marcone and I are nearly going mad with so many things to do...first the incredible journey to find another apartment to live and we knew it could not be Copacabana; then putting together all paperwork that is needed to rent an apartment; and here in Rio, you need to know someone who owns one property to nbe responsable of your payments, if you do not pay, this person who is absolutely difficult to find, will be the one who will pay for your failure on paying the rental...and we are proud to say that it never happened with us, haahhhahahahaa :)))) or you can pay a deposit (not everyone accept it) which is 3 times the rental amount.

Dear Reader, paying 3100 reais (a little more than 1500 USD) for a small apartment, one living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and services area is not fair. So we came to a conclusion that we need to go to another neighborhood in Rio and we found a nice house, spacious, clean. not so much neighbors (and the very few he have a good friends of us, they are Alexandre and his wife Patricia and Alexandre's mother, Celia. 

And the new neighborhood who will welcome us with opened arms will be the traditional and "aristocratic" Tijuca....yupieeeeeeee. time in Copacabana is over, I should think more about the money that I can save to do other things, like more money to travel, not worrying about saving a fortune to pay the rent in the end of the month; also reaching peace of mind when I realize that living in Tijuca I will have more space and time to create things; there I will have my own office, I will have more space to welcome my friends, that means if you like you have a place to stay, our house is very close to the subway station and from there (São Francisco de Xavier Station) you just take 20 minutes; so it is very handy when it comes to public transportation, and the neighborhood has a lot of cool options, fine restaurants, nice young bars, shopping centers, interesting grocery stores; nice and shady streets. I am leaving the Ocean behind but I am encountering with an "ocean of quietness", if you know what I mean...


It is a non stop work and we have our professional lives that cannot wait, lots to do and we do not even reach the perfection, but going to a new home needs a lot of dedication and all this would be impossible without the big help of my cousins (nearly me real sisters) Sonia and Noeme; they were present in every moment and Marcone and I will always take it in our hearts. The house is big and God Knows how much my space is essential for my existance....I was like a "cleaning lady" watching the loo; the outside area, trying to organize the little winter garden and our office. Lots to be done and I will be more than happier to show you the final result in my blog.

The celebrations already started, every opportunity we go out here in Tijuca to celebrate this new stage of our lives. Living in Tijuca is easy, endless cultural options, lots of transportation facilities and a good vibe.

I am really happy to share this moment with you, dear Reader...

A moment that started in September the same month of my birthday, doesn't it tell you something?????

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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