Monday, July 1, 2013


Yesterday as usual I felt more Brazilian than I used to feel...yesterday after feeling a cold energy in my spine hearing more than 70000 voices singing our anthem I felt the strength of this Nation. The Confederation is a formal rehearsal to check if we are prepared for the big event...The World Cup, and we proved to the World that we are ready and we conquered the Cup. 

And we defeated sorry to see my "cousins" (I have spanish blood) loosing in such a festival of goals and happiness...specially after conquering the World Cup and the European Cup and being so confident...they surrended in the World Football Temple...the Maracanã Stadium. 

I think all the bulls in Spain must be happy because we KILLED THE BULLFIGHTER and we screamed out loud OLÉ in our Arena.

Please, my spanish friends and readers, do not get me wrong...I am just being very nationalist today!!! :))))))

LAST SUNDAY, 30TH OF JUNE,  WE SAW THE GAME IN MY COUSINS' HOUSE and we had a blast...some snacks and lots of beer and lots of laughs as well, I made a special picture to show you how great fun we had, and I hope you like it!!! :)))) One of my favorite things to do is simply get together with family and enjoy our time together. We were celebrating at home together with many people in every single bar of Rio, together with the fortunate people that got a difficult ticket in Maracaña...


In Brazil the birds as you can see are very brazilians...Ararajuba is the bird symbol of the country and unfortunately quite rare, we can find Ararajubas in the central region of Brazil and also the Amazon. I confess that in my whole life, I have just seen this bird only once.

Well...The spanish saw yesterday that BRAZIL is the sacred soil of FOOTBALL, Soccer like you say in the US...Even the champions of the World know that when Brazil plays in Brazil...things are always a little bit different...specially with so much pressure coming because of the Confederation Cup and the World Cup, we are hosting both events...The finals took place in Maracanã, our top number one stadium not only in Brazil but in the Whole South America...

The main stadiums in the Continents are always MARACAÑA in Rio, la Bombonera in Buenos Aires and the Centenario in Montevideo. Three main names in the history of football: BRAZIL, ARGENTINA AND URUGUAY...But when we think about Brazil we think about Rio, we think about Pelé, we think about Garrincha and we think about glorious World Cup. 5 times getting the maximum prestige in the Universe of we are in the right path!

Football is part of our culture...not even the big protests outside the stadium could kill the magic and the respect for our National Team...even people in the protests stopped in some bars to see part of the game...When we think about Brazil, 3 things come to our heads: SAMBA, FOOTBALL AND BEACH.

Now...let the World Cup Comes....

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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