Thursday, June 27, 2013


Thirteen Years of providing people all the happiness they need when they travel, many years going to so many different places in Brazil, starting from Rio to the most hidden corners of Maranhão. Showing all faces of Brazil; taking care of every detail, lots of planning, lots of writing; all this has on prize: WONDERFUL FRIENDS EVERYWHERE!!!

When your work is simply joy and pleasure you realize that it is not work. So when you choose myself to be your tour guide in Rio you can be sure that I will not be " a regular tour guide"; you will meet a very old friend only.

No, no, no....You are really reading about your potential trip to Rio...It is not a theater play which you are going to watch, but be sure that in some point you will be a character; you will be part of so many and diverse brazilian stories. When you come under my hands you will have to leave your shyness behind. I use a lot of improvisation in the tours, so everything is possible, be prepared!

Beautiful sceneries, different locations when you simply choose Rio to visit; you will realize that Rio is not only Copacabana or Ipanema, Rio is much be prepared to the surprises, open your heart to experience and you will be convinced that YOU REALLY HAVE BEEN TO RIO, you had a real Brazilian Experience. From Ilha Grande with Nancy and Phil (you are always in my heart, folks!) and showing my hometown in Niteroi which is the highlight of so many tours, you will find RAFA, your friend, your very distant relative; so all my guests are my cousins!

This is it...This wonderful work produces FRIENDS...this lovely mission allows me to create wonderful memories in your life. Each person I welcome gives me a personal story and I learn a lot and you will have the best of me every time you come to Rio.

Thanks also to the people that work with me, all of them...a tour in Rio is not only a is a dream in Rio.

Okay....nice to meet you, my name is Rafael, but everyone calls me RAFA, the tour guide who will tell you a lot about Brazil, a lot about Rio; the tour guide who will be always wishing to be your best friend in South America. I am proud and honored of my work here and the only thing that I can give to you when you come to visit us, is my total passion for life and for my land!

Happy travels, 

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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