Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Brazil is a giant continental country and there are lot of unique places waiting for you. One of the biggest surprises is no doubt, the city of Natal and its surroundings. From Rio you can fly to Natal heading the magical North East or simply NORDESTE as we like saying here. Some travellers also get there by Cruise Ships as this is one of the most beautiful destinations in Brazil. Natal is a very vibrant capital of Rio Grande do Norte State, a real paradise located literally when BRAZIL MAKES A CURVE in the map. Paradise beaches, charming inlets, remote fishing villages and lots of adventures are waiting for you there! :)

We have more than 8000 km of diverse coast line...and the shore of Natal is blessed by many species of fish. Camurupim is the name of this enormous fish, commonly found in this part of the State and it is also the name of this lovely beach covered by impressive reefs which forms very warm natural pools. It is a Brazil stuck in time, you can spend the day visiting each remote fishing villages spread out in the area of Natal.

Located between our gorgeous Guarairas Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean we can find Praia da Pipa, one of the absolutely stunning beaches of Tibau do Sul, 80 kilometers south of Natal. This region is the most important ecological sanctuary of Rio Grande do Norte, in many places in the Bay you can spot dolphins and marina turtles, and in the woods you can go hiking among the endless Mata Atlantica Forest, many different trails for bird watchers. for nature lovers exploring each corner of one Brazil rarely visited by tourists. Praia da Pipa deserves one day, the best way to explore the region is when you have more than one day to spend in Natal. Also it is possible to spend the whole day in Praia da Pipa. It is indeed one of my very favorite places when I go to Natal.

If you are looking for short adventures, when you just have 4 hours to explore this paradise, my team at BuggyTurismo and I can arrange sand dunes zip line, when you throw yourself on the top of a huge dune and you land in such a fresh lagoon; we literally call it as AIR BUTT and also you can explore the beaches and dunes in a buggy tour visiting different places in the city like Arituba, Barra do Sono, Ponta Negra, Genipabu, Pitangui and Jacumã...Difficult names for a foreign reader, but places that will ner leave your best memories of Brazil.

If you ever decide to explore Brazil not forget about Natal, this could be one of the most beautiful places that you have been in your life; if Natal is one of your Cruise Trip stops do not hesitate to look for me and I will help your group to have incredible fun in the beaches and you will see many different incredible surprises that Natal can offer.

We have a team there captained by my friend Alane Maia that will be with me to create many different tours. i can meet you there also if you write to me way in advance, so I can get myself prepared to introduce you Brazil just like I love to travel in my own country.


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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