Monday, May 13, 2013


Jill is one more member of an english family that just like in England is part of MY TRADITION to welcome and open arms waiting her family in Rio and every single corner of started with her brother Alex that also came this april for the second time, then Sandra, John. My british friends that have HOUSE, FOOD AND WASHED CLOTHES IN MY HEART.

Jill has a smile with the size of Brazil and her energy is contagious and I had the prestige to show her all my favorite places in Rio and also to welcome Alex (my british brother who is still living in Brasilia - YES...WE ARE NEIGHBORS!!!) for the second time.

As usual, we did not have a tour...WE HAD A FAMILY places like so dear hometown and some other secret spots in Rio like the street art in Santa Tereza where we had loud laughs...OUR TOUR WAS A REAL PARTY that had the whole day until the end...

Finally after sending almost all his relatives to me...I met Alex in Rio for the second time and it is like a long time relatives that hardly saw each other, and we had a blast, such a brilliant time with Alex and her sister Jill...We had fun in Santa Tereza, so packed with interesting street art that we can laugh a lot. It is fascinating to see the fun and creative side of Rio. Thanks to you both...I had loooooooads of fun!

Santa Tereza is the most bohemian neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, the first portuguese settlement...very charming hilly district of Rio that reminds Lisbon in Portugal with its cobbled stones streets and beautiful colonial portuguese homes...also one of the few places in Rio where you can find the best of graffitti and street arts; a place with fine cuisine because of various traditional restaurants like Marco, Portella and Bar do Mineiro.

We also stopped in my super pleasant breakfast place cafecito where we took remarkable photos. Again, this meeting of friends can happen many times I have my own tours.

A simple stop for tea can bring so many wonderful abajour in the form of BUM BUM, the max symbol of Carioca's Sensuality...the decoration full of rustic art and with incredible deserts, snacks, homemade bread and lots of jokes! :) Welcome to crazy World of Rafa, so they say in England.

Well, I am the Ambassador of all countries, so the World's Citizens know that here fun, information and amazing moments are guaranteed.

Well...what to say when you have wonderful people around you. My two big friends from England came and all I did was showing the places that I love going in them a taste of our gastronomy and make sure that have a warm place in my heart and thanks to that Jill wrote these words on which I proudly rewrite for you below:


"My whole family had all seen Rio with Rafa on their visits so it seemed right that I should to. He's wonderful, so friendly and knowledgeable. Rafa has a wonderful knack of pitching the day just right. Our day was relaxed and yet we saw everything I wanted to. Rafa is also a fantastic photographer and I can't wait to see the shots he took it really adds a different dimension to the tour. Rafa's English is perfect and if your book your tour with him you won't be disappointed. I'm sure like us you will have a wonderful fun packed day. Thanks Rafa you were brilliant"

RAFA WORDS - Thank you Jill, you know that in Brazil you will always find my heart with doors open for you and my arms to hug my dear Sister, again, thank you very much for your joy of living, thanks a lot for your incredible sense of humour and keep sending incredible people from England and I will take good care of them in the first second they step on Brazilian Soil.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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