Saturday, May 4, 2013


When Lynette requested a tour, she wanted a great experience; I decided to show to her family the soul of Rio, Rio became their homeland so quickly and we had a great time; thanks to all folks in Brasilia I always make new friends (and neighbors).

The Mission was accomplished...we could go to the Christ...each time more and more difficult because of the awful organization provided by the local authorities...Sometimes the lines are so big that going to the Christ is simply impossible; but if we get there before 8:00 am, we can go there and we avoid huge lines, but it is necessary to wake up quite early in our first day in Rio.

Niteroi was one of the highlight of the day...visiting the Contemporary Museum projected by Oscar Niemeyer, a person that all the folks in Brazil know a lot. We saw the viewpoint Parque da Cidade and lots of laughs and funny stories in our day.

I had the honor to welcome 3 generations of such a wonderful family..., my passion is showing my land exactly in the way my land always have been...beautiful, easy, simply and supper funny.

I am always proud to make Rio anyone's second home. Always be sure that here you have a friend.

My Brasilia's people always give me important missions. This Fall I my task was giving a funny experience to a family from Utah and the juniors from Nevada and Brasilia, hahaha :) I made sure they saw the best of Rio, so Christ and Sugar Loaf covered the classical Rio and Niteroi was the big surprise, in one of my "weapons" that I name OFF THE BEATEN PATH....After a whole trivia about World Capitals and naming 15 Brazilian Cities (Campinas, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Goiania, Niteroi, Pirinopolis, São Paulo, Florianopolis, Belo Horizonte, Tiradentes, São Joao del Rey, Ouro Preto, Belem, Buzios and São Luis) and 15 American Cities ( Chapel Hill, Salt Lake City, Denver, Boston, Chicago, Mancie, Duluth, Pocatello, Cleveland, Dublin (yes!), Spokane, Portland, San Diego, Austin and Naples) and great lessons of baby language; the Utah family went back home with great memories of Rio de Janeiro, a place where they will always have a friend, a place that will always remain in their hearts.

Thank you very much Lyn and Nick, kisses to Grandma and the kids! :)


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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