Tuesday, April 9, 2013


First of all...this video is too long, so watch the first 5 MINUTES, and then watch the last TWO MINUTES!!! Hahahahahaha 

Well, you are just watching one of the things I most love doing! :) And also this is what you can do when you come to Rio...

Welcome dear Reader, yes, this is my blog!!! As usual you will not see all my tours here but for sure you will get to know your guide (and future friend) better...

This week I was in Niteroi...

It is a big mistake not including Niteroi in your plans...lively city, wonderful people, gastronomy center and so close to Rio that you will see amazing views from the other side of the Bay and above all, it is my homeland. I spent 20 years of my life there...

Pablo, my dear Argentinean friend jumped and Kate, my English Sister and Princess Kate also took part of the adventure this weekend. Marcone always with us adding some fun moments to everything we do. Next time he will jump. And for Pablo and Kate my thanks  for trusting me and being such cool people!

Parque da Cidade is a starting point of this awesome adventure...It is a hill where our Paraglyding Association is located, there you will meet our instructors Luciano Miranda, Paulo Giovani, Alexandre and Pepê. great pilots, absolutely wonderful friends and very expertise people...They know each cloud, each volture (hahahah) and every termal that will keep your flight safe, exciting and full of emotions. All the safety divices are fully supervised and I did paraglyding so many times that one day I will do it myself. It is one my hobbies that you can also be part of this adventurous family!!!

Ready to go and too late for giving just thrown yourself to the most fascinating sensation...the freedom of flying and the only chance that I am really convinced that Rio is indeed ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN THE WORLD!

Yes...As I said...this is one of the most stunning places on Earth!!! Breathtaking views and strong emotions. I love Niteroi more and more...only from Niteroi you can see how magic all this place is. And better, it is a local school, they will not charge you touristic prices so I am always there and I love taking my guests to see this view point and some of the folks really jump and you can easily be one of them!

Parque da Cidade is one of my homes in Rio and now you know why!!! :)

Rafael "Eagle" Torres Lopes
The Flying Guide

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