Saturday, March 23, 2013


Some windows in Paraty can tell you so many is a village that was very important to our Past, and it is one of the main places that we really have fun in the Present. In that Past Paraty was so much important as Rio because all the Gold from Minas Gerais were shipped to Europe when Rio was full of pirates. So many merchants from all over the World settled here, but above all Paraty always have been and the city still is veeeeery portuguese. 

Life has been passed under this windows for so many years and the colonial windows are wonderful inspirations for our lens. If you like Photography, maybe Paraty is an amazing place for you!

Cachaçarias (stores specialized in our national liquoir - CACHAÇA), charming stores, wonderful gastronomy in traditional restaurants full og good taste, everywhere you will find JANELAS COLONIAIS, as we say here, the colonial buildings of Paraty are simply amazing and you can spend hours strolling around in the cobbled stones pathways and streets where you will get fascinated in every corner!

The city has several districts...Paraty has a big and well preserved historical centre; there are several beaches and local villages; indigenous villages, ex-slaves villages that we call it as QUIROMBOLAS. fishing villages, lots of islands and incredible jungly mountains full of history such old portuguese sugar cane and coffe farms and so many traditions everywhere; the whole architecture is colonial, and they all have WINDOWS to keep on telling fascinating stories. This one I took in the cottage that we are spending this days off; the very pleasant and peaceful Small Farm of Pousada das Acacias, right in the neighborhood in Cunha.

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